Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes On German Autobahn

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Ferrari 599 GTO crashes on German autobahn

Ferrari 599 GTO crashes on German autobahn

The Ferrari 599 GTO is without doubt already one of the greatest cars of all time and is, in fact, Ferrari’s fastest ever road car. And, with only 599 examples destined for production, it’s also safe to assume that the Ferrari 599 GTO will remain one of the rarest cars of the modern era.

So it pains us to report that one of these rare beauties has come out a little worse for wear following a high speed accident, which took place on Germany's A66 autobahn this past week.

Behind the wheel was Peter Stoll, the Honorary Consul of El Salvador living in Germany. Full details are still filtering in but it’s believed that Stoll was attempting to pass another driver at around 80 mph when his wheels left the side of the road, causing a loss of control that eventually sent the car into a guardrail.

Thankfully, the only injury to report was a bruised ego. The same can’t be said for the Ferrari, however. The damage appears serious considering the car's engine is mounted up front and looks to be completely smashed in.   

Stoll is reportedly keen to have the car repaired, but in the meantime will have to trot around in his company car, a Maserati.

Surprisingly, as rare as the 599 GTO is, this isn’t its first reported accident. Previously, a custom version owned by British radio host Chris Evans was damaged when a coworker reversed into it. Thankfully, the only damage here was some minor scrapes on the bumper.


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Comments (3)
  1. Just because you can afford a supercar does not in any way suggest you can safely and intelligently pilot one.

  2. True story Peter.
    Does anyone hurt inside when looking at the sad crashed Ferrari picture, or is it just me?
    Its such a tragedy; Ferrari 599 GTO is such a work of art that it hurts to see it broken.

  3. Wow... Honorary Consul from El Salvador?
    You'd think their government dignitaries would drive something more modest considering theres ALOT of poverty in El Salvador... (am I missing something here?) Granted he might not be salvadorian but still...

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