Alfa Romeo 4C On Sale In 2013 Priced From $45,000: Report

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Alfa Romeo will be using the production version of its stunning 4C sports car concept to spearhead its relaunch in the U.S., which as we previously reported has been pushed back to 2013 due to design delays for several crucial models, one of which is the highly anticipated Giulia mid-size sedan.

The 4C will be a low volume model but a halo effect should help lure potential customers to Alfa dealers.

The good news is that anyone already sold on the concept version’s gorgeous styling may be able to scoop one up for $45,000--or even less.

The information was revealed to Inside Line by executives at Alfa Romeo. They also revealed that prototype versions of the mid-engine sports car should start testing around the middle of next year.

To bring the 4C in at that price level, its body is likely to drop the carbon fiber construction seen on the concept version in favor of cheaper fiberglass-based sheet molding composites. Like carbon fiber, however, sheet molding composites’ strengths are lightness and rigidity, so the weight differential in the production car versus the featherweight 1,875-pound concept may not be huge.

Italian firm Pierallini is expected to handle most of the design and production work for the 4C’s chassis. Production volumes are expected to reach around 18,000 units over the lifetime of the car.

Delivering something north of 200 horsepower from a direct-injected and turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder while weighing in at a nearly unbelievable 1,875 pounds (that's more power and less weight than a Lotus Elise), all wrapped in a stunning little mid-engined package, the 4C is sure to win fans not just for its badge or its looks, but for its abilities.

We can’t wait.
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  1. I'm just hoping Chrysler finds a way to utilize this platform and its own engines to produce a Crossfire replacement. I'm sure it will work from a business case argument.

  2. Hey Bill, a Crossfire??..You lament that piece of _rap? Daimler dumped a 20 year old chassis on the Pentastar and raped them for Jeep technology and you want a Crossfire?? Be thankful that Sergio and Fiat are here for Chrysler's salvation. Alfa has always been a leader in auto technology and has a tradition second to none. Google the Tipo 33 Stradale or the more recent 8 Competizione...That my man is beautiful design...not a Crossfire...James, The General

  3. I love this car, and reminds me of a mix of our Elise and my dad's old Giuletta Sprint. The original story I saw mentioned the 45,000 figure in british pounds not dollars. Thats a huge difference, and a lot of coin for a 4cyl car no matter how stylish. But if they can get it here at under 50k I think it will be a huge success here. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I am interested in what the new Elise will look like. Word is it will be much more powerful, but a lot heavier too.

  4. Hopefully Alpha will price the 4C and their other cars attractively in order to get market share and a foothold in the USA.

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