2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302: First Drive

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By the time you've settled into lap three around Laguna Seca, the Boss is shouting at you and you don't even care.

This isn't your office, so revel in it. This Boss hammers your tympani with a proprietary blend of pleasure and pain--sound familiar?--but none of the kvetching over expense reports or missed deadlines. It's watching you like a hawk, for sure, lipstick video cameras stalking you with paparazzi precision, but they're only there to document all those sweet apexes you're kissing while you work.

But make no mistake: this Boss is in the driver's seat, too. Not you.

The 2012 Mustang Boss lured me to Laguna Seca this week, with the promise of a first drive and the simultaneous threat of looping one, live for those in-car cameras. Laguna's a fairly easy track to learn, but this Mustang's stoked up with 444 horsepower and a 7400-rpm redline.

Unlike the 41-year-old SCCA championship car it's named for, though, it pulls a full g on the track with utter predictability. You could underwrite mortgages with all the high-speed guarantees cooked into its race-bred suspension and huge staggered tires.

You try turning that down.

So, the job at hand: worry less about the threat the Boss makes, and make sure it keeps its promises.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ihave been reacing at LS for 20 years and this driver lines are so bad,specificaly in T2,T8 and T9 that it's not surprising to see such a high lap time

  2. Some info above is incorrect. 11-12 lbs of sound deadening material was removed from the Boss, not added.

  3. I am sold when can I get one , My 1973 Z28 Camaro needs a friend.

  4. Nice write-up but, BORING!!! Drive.
    What..did you have and average 0.4 average 'G' limit imposed. Realize you want to keep getting invites to drive manufacturers cars, but come on, have a little fun, it's a Boss 302 for christ sakes.

  5. Exuberance over the 'Boss's' handling, should have been tempered by driving -Either before or after- the 'M3' you passed in the video.
    Love Mustangs and was there bright and early the first day the dealers were allowed to show the new Mustang in 1964, but given a choice I would spend my money on an M3 or wait for the new 'Tau' V-8 Genesis Coupe.

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