Video: Mark Webber Shows Off His Personal 911 GT2 RS

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You spend all day driving one of the finest road-course machines ever known: a modern Formula 1 car. At 750-plus horsepower, a shade over 1,400 pounds and capable of braking and turning north of 5 g, the F1 car simply pummels anything that's road-capable, including the vaunted Bugatti Veyron. So what do you drive when you're done at work?

For Mark Webber, the answer is a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and Porsche is particularly proud of that fact. Looking past the marketing-speak, however, and into the actual video footage, it's clear that Webber didn't make his choice lightly. He is, after all, a serious multi-millionaire with connections that'd shame a U.S. Senator.

The reactions of his passengers put the car's performance in perspective relative to the frame of reference of a normal person. Well worth a shade over two minutes.

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Comments (2)
  1. Porsche, there is still no substitute!

  2. Absolutely there's a substitute.... it's called Volkswagen! Although the one thing "the worlds laziest car designers" (JC) do right is they surely keep it "timeless". Is this the new old car or the old new car?

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