2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Live Photos: 2011 Chicago Auto Show

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A proper Jetta for proper drivers, the 2012 Jetta GLI is the version we can finally get behind. It's no barn-burner, but it is the most unique GLI in Jetta history--due in large part to the de-contented standard Jetta we've had until now.

For the full details on the new GLI, including why we actually like this one (and not the other Jettas) read our 2012 GLI preview here.

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  1. Volkswagen seems to backtracking rather swiftly to cover the obvious poor judgement they made with the 2011 de-contented Jetta. Still, I believe the damage they've done to the brand will require much more than offering a GLI version of the same boring car to repair. I saw the 2012 Passat, and it appears that VW is committed to their "dumb it down" strategy across all of their models headed for the US. What a disaster.

  2. With the amazing CC and Sirocco, I thought their new models will head towards the stylish end. Perhaps Audi did it successfully with their range of very boring and conservative designs for their range of saloon cars that prompted VW to do likewise? VW cars are known for their built quality and engineering so, what they need are a crack unit of car designers to handle the looks.

  3. Not bad, the only thing is the lack of HID's as an option and the missing red lines. I have a base 2009 APR stage 2 GTI (lease) and it has HID's. It just makes the car look more upscale. I sold Audi's for about 3 year and would take this car over a 2011 premium A4 (front wheel drive CVT trans and no HID's). If it has a good lease I'm in. White with Autobahn pk, DSG and APR stage 2 sounds good:-) I could only hope the Golf R has a good lease. God I love that car!!!

  4. Not bad, the only thing missing is the HID's and the red lines. I have a base 2009 APR Stage 2 GTI (Lease) and it has HID's, it just makes the car look more upscale. Everyone needs to chill out on this car. I would take it over a 2011 Audi A4 premium (front wheel drive, CVT trans and no HID'S) any day. If it has a good lease I'm in.... Candy White, Autobahn pk, DSG and APR Stage 2 sounds good. If you need a roomy 4 door and want something sporty, BOOM! There it is. You could get a Honda, Toyota or a Nissan....but no thanks. I would get a Golf R but the lease is going to suck. Have a great day!

  5. Sorry, didn't think my first post went through. Still a nice car.

  6. Oh no, I don't think its an ugly car. Rather handsome looking car IMO but I guess I am spoilt with the very aggressive CC and the Sirocco, I was expecting more. I, too, will take this Jetta over any brand new Japanese makes! But first, I want to own the CC!

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