2011 Chrysler 200 Convertible Priced From $26,445

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High Gear Media recently spent some quality time with the Chrysler 200 sedan and convertible during the first media drive in San Diego, revealing it's more than lipstick on the pig that was the Sebring, but still not quite a match for the competition from Subaru, Ford, or Hyundai. Today, Chrysler put a price on the convertible version of the 2011 200, and it's a bit higher than you might expect.

The entry-level Touring model starts from $26,445, sure, but the step up to the Limited model will cost you $31,240, while the in-house custom S is yet to be priced, but sure to be even pricier. Considering the Fusion, Legacy, and Sonata don't offer convertible versions, though, perhaps it's a premium some will be willing to pay to stay in the segment. The $5,000-$6,000 premium over the price of an equivalent 200 sedan will require some justification to the buyer's significant other, too.

Hit page two to see the full release, including trim-spec differences between the various models and a sampling of the options (though without prices) available for each.

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  1. I think any Chrysler loyalist, like myself, will be satisfied with the improvements made to the Sebring to become the 200. Perhaps one must consider the timeline and budget in the effort and the length of service for this generation and the remake becomes even more remarkable. What you have is now a competitive vehicle in the toughest of market segments.
    1- Chrysler is committed to the 200 long term and was keen enough to realize that to carry on with a liability in the Sebring for two more years would have further eroded the brand. Better to bring a vastly improved, if not perfect, renamed product to market and begin the healing immediately.
    2- The 200 proves to the public the ability of Chrysler to move quickly and decisively in the marketplace. The 2011 200, with a new engine and dual clutch transmission on the way, moves the product foward with significant improvements that will carry over into the next generation 200. By the time the new 200 is launched it will be a refined and perfected technology that will be the foundation for a class leading mid-size product line.
    In the 2011 200 has proven Chrysler can get competitive quickly, has the ability to launch cutting edge technology and the resources to maneuver definatively to make improvements.

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