Video: LS1 Miata Burnout Leads To Forum Smackdown

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LS1 Miata burnout

LS1 Miata burnout

Cram a big 'Merkin V-8 into a lightweight roadster? Classic formula. Use said roadster to produce clouds of power-induced tire smoke? Just as classic. Getting beat down on a car forum for street racing and acting like a fool? Instant classic.

The holiday week hasn't been too kind to forum user 1SIKZ31. With a very clean LS1-Miata conversion, the presumed ex-Z31 driver takes every opportunity to film a good burnout, which you can see below. The problem, however, is that he also takes the time to record his...err...stupider moments as well.

In his burnout video post, 1SIKZ31 alludes to his more risque collection of street racing videos and subsequently gets hammered by the moral police. Then things get really funny.

We'll leave you to dig around the thread and his YouTube channel, but we promise you'll strike some unintentional comedic gold should you find "What are you looking at? I'll kill you" in your search. In the mean time, enjoy the sights and sounds (and imagine the smells) of a rather nice LS1-powered NB Miata burnout.



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Comments (8)
  1. Can't we keep this junk off Motorauthority? This story hardly seems worthy and redirecting to other pages should not be the main focus especially if that redirecting is to a forum.

  2. Well Pat, aren't you the fun sponge! :-)

  3. Did you get coal for Christmas Pat? Momma didnt hug ya enough? Poor thing....

  4. @Pat
    ...and now a river runs through it. Pat, please stop crying us this river. If you don't like it, then move along. Afterall, who can't appreciate a Miata stuffed with LS1!?

  5. Glad I'm not the only one out there that likes a nice engine swap and some pointless tire smoke.

  6. V8 in a Miata is old news.....Just look up Monster Miata on google.

  7. This was just dumb.

  8. +1 for an engine swap and pointless tire smoke

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