2012 Boss Mustang Track Key Detailed

One interesting piece of technology that from the upcoming 2012 Boss Mustang that deserves a closer look is the Track Key.

Available through Ford dealers, the Track Key adds Ford's TracMode powertrain control software. The software gives the car full race calibration and two-stage launch control without negatively affecting the warranty.

The software is installed after the car is purchased, and accessed through a separate key (hence the name). Use the black key, and you get the normal "street" version of the 444-horsepower Boss. Use the red key, and the track programming takes over. Switch back to the black key, and the car goes back to street mode.

The idea here is that weekend warriors can simply use a key to switch up the car's character, using the black key to get to and from the track while using the red key during track time.

Ford says there are more than 200 engine parameters, such as spark maps and engine braking, that can be adjusted. Ford created a dual-patch powertrain control module to avoid the complexity issues that would arise with two PCMs.

This is a novel concept, and if it succeeds, we wouldn't be surprised to see aftermarket tuners try something similar. Either way, Boss owners who want to race their cars have one more factory-supplied trick up their sleeve.


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Comments (5)
  1. I can see where this is going now….kids with the sense of mud and a rich daddy will be wrapping themselves around power poles all over the country. Hopefully they won’t take soccer mom and the minivan load of children with them. Another brilliant idea brought to us from the fine people of Ford…..Found On Road Dead

  2. Chuck.... Kids will do what kids do...
    For one... if a parent gives the track key to their child on a boss 302 mustang... I think it is the parents fault not Fords...

    But I guess if you owned a boss you would give your 16 year old the track key...

    You know a toyota prius can get wrapped around a tree too... And yes people drag and road race a Prius... every thing happens the same just a hell of a lot slower...

  3. I like this idea. A different key for a different mode of car. It's one way to get around all the restrictions that car-makers are forced to place on cars.

  4. Well, as real car guys know the Track Key is a convenient way to transform your car's programing. There are thousands that do it via a programmer like I do. This is nothing new and it IS a brilliant idea from Ford because now you can drive the car to work under normal conditions but easily transform it on the weekends for the track. The other way takes time and effort and people are more likely to keep the after market tune in place rather than switching back and forth for everyday driving. Good job Ford! Personally I stay away from those soccer mom vans. They drive too fast and have 3-4 distractions inside. LOL

  5. chuck is awesome

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