Sultan Of Brunei’s Rare Ferrari Collection Up For Sale?

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25 Ferraris for sale

25 Ferraris for sale

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Though we can't confirm its legitimacy, a company based in New Zealand of all places is claiming to have more than 25 Ferrari supercars up for sale, most of them brand new and with only their original factory delivery mileage.

The private collection of cars, which includes the 25 Ferraris, as well as three Lamborghinis, a Jaguar XJ 220, a Cizeta Moroder V16, an ItalDesign Nazca V12 and two Porsche 911 Turbos, are believed to be owned by the infamous Sultan Of Brunei, though we’re not sure why he would be willing to sell them now. If you didn’t already know, the Sultan is notorious for his love of cars and is believed to be in possession of more than 5,000 luxury and performance models.

The vehicles are currently at a location in New Zealand and all are up for sale. All the vehicles will be sold unregistered and as presented, though international delivery assistance will be provided. Prices are included but all are presented in New Zealand dollars.

Some of the rare Ferraris in the collection include an Enzo, F50, F40, a pair of Daytona 365 GTBs, a Testarossa and even a Dino. Follow the jump below to see images of all the cars but be warned, you may end up being stuck there for hours.

[Ferrari Sale via Top Speed]
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  1. Why do you guys continue to write without doing your home work?
    There are two Sultans of Brunei. They are brothers and one is now exiled by the family in London because of the above car collection and various other indulgences.
    His colection also included twenty plus years of all the world champion winning F1 cars, countless custom Bentleys, Ferrari's, and Range Rovers. Infact all three companies had entire an division of engineers devoted to the one Sultan.
    Ofcourse his vast spending almost bankrupted the country and alas the other frugal brother is still in Brunei and the one you write of is now on an allowance in London. Also the collection was sold off long ago to private parties and becasue of its vastness its going to take years to sell it all as there is only so much the collector market can handle at once. Dumping 5000 custom cars on the market at once would kill their value for sure but on the one hand its still pretty impressive that one persons could collect and commission so large of a collection. Makes the Schulmpf brothers look like amateurs!

  2. I believe this collection belongs to Hong Seh Motors, the people that held the Ferrari dealership in Singapore from the early 90s to just a couple of years ago.
    Hong Seh Motors was helmed by Mr. Alfred Tan and his son Edward, both keen Ferrari enthusiasts. Things started to go sour after the Tan's started a partnership with a Malaysian business concern for selling Ferrari's in Malaysia.
    Somehow things got "complicated", and Ferraris in Singapore are now being sold by Italauto, a company that has links with the people that brought the Formula 1 GP to the island republic.

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