Video: 50 Cent Loads Lamborghini Murcielago With $2 Million Cash

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50 Cent loading a Lamborghini full of cash

50 Cent loading a Lamborghini full of cash

Did you know a Lamborghini can carry several houses in its forward-mounted trunk? Well, it can, if you turn those houses into cash. How do we know this? 50 Cent put $2 million in cash into a Lamborghini Murcielago and captured the feat on video.

The running commentary turns what would otherwise be an exercise in mindless excess into self-parody of legendary status. Enjoy, but beware NSFW language.


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Comments (4)
  1. u got to be kidding me hope u got some good security.

  2. I bet he's taking it back to the poor neighborhood he grew up in and going to use it to build a park so the kids will have a safe place to play..or maybe he's just going to buy a diamond chain. Hmm...probably the second one.

  3. I see 50 Cent is into exotic cars and seems to have some spare cash to put toward the worlds most unique,practical and energy efficient Eco-Exotic Zoleco.I am looking for someone to help me fund the development of the prototype.Check out the Zoleco on Youtube.You are going to love it and will want to be the first to own one!Thanks Zoltan

  4. well,its a nice car. guess its not for 50 cents!

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