Name Your All-Time Favorite Fast Or Fancy Ford

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The era of social media is fully upon us when even 100-plus-year-old carmakers are adopting outlets like Twitter and Facebook as part of their efforts to build brand reputation. Sometimes it's even interesting.

Take this tweet for @Ford, the official Ford Twitter account:

@Ford: In 1953, Ford produced its 40-millionth U.S.-built vehicle. We're still going strong! What is your all-time favorite Ford vehicle? #TWIF

If we had to pick one, right now it would probably be the 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which we drove earlier this year at Virginia International Raceway and its environs. But others, like the Ford GT, Fairlane, 1967 Mustang fastback, and yes, even the Flex EcoBoost, are right up there on the list.

What's your favorite Ford of all time? In the spirit of the questions, respond to us on Twitter at @TheRealMA and be sure to include the #FavFord hashtag. We'll absorb all your top picks and distill them into a new story.

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Comments (12)

  2. That's easy Ford Mustang Hypo 289 4 speed, I believe 67'.

  3. The German Capri imported in the late 70s as a Mercury Capri. Sexy, fast, unique.

  4. The Boss 429 Mustang, with very minimal tweaks could get 500 hp easily

  5. I was looking at a Capri back in the day but I bought an Opel in stead! It was a sedan 4 and it got great mileage but that Capri 6 was a real solid car. Opel has really come full circle!

  6. 06 GT

  7. FPV FG Falcon F6 310. Aussie V8 killing blown inline six. 310kW (420bhp) + 565Nm (417lb ft) available from 1950rpm to 5250rpm.

  8. ST220. 3.0 V6. Lovely.

  9. 2004 Saleen Mustang S281 Convertible.
    Sure, the Cobra was faster, but it lacked the sex appeal. Something mustangs still lack today.

  10. Anything that had the 289 High Performance engine, better known as the HiPo!

  11. 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA. Sleeker more sensibly sized than most cars of that era. Not as fast as other musclecars of the era, but better drivers ande more practical. Loads of fun!

  12. In my honest opinion I’d have to say the best car in terms of reliability, power, and quality in equal balance ever built by Ford would have to be the LTD Crown Victoria. The 1980’s models especially (slightly biased as I personally own a 1986 LTD CV!). With the 351 Windsor option, an all steel body, and some of the best ride quality in any Ford vehicle in my opinion. It may not be as fast as a Mustang or as fuel efficient as say a Fiesta but It was built with quality and durability and comfort in mind. Properly maintained a Crown Victoria will outlast much of the competition as many a police officer or government agent will tell you.

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