Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Specs Released, Limited To 10 MPH Below Record Speed

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The battle for the title of the world's fastest production car just went another round, bringing the belt home to Bugatti once again. The car that did it, the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, will be sold in extremely limited production, but it will be capped at 415 km/h, or 257.8 mph, just over 10 mph short of the actual record speed it reached.

At 268 mph, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport's tires turn at roughly 53 revolutions per second, or about 3,180 rpm. The forces on the tread at that speed are immense, and the effect a blowout would have on the car is simply catastrophic. Limiting the top speed to 258 mph gives the tires a little more headroom for safety. The speed limitation is revealed in the car's full specs, released today.

Other key stats of the new Super Sport read nearly identical to the standard Veyron's figures, though lateral grip is improved by 0.1g to 1.4g max. Acceleration is also a bit peppier in the 1,200-horsepower Super Sport, with 62 mph arriving in 2.5 seconds, 124 mph in 7.3 seconds, and 187 mph in 16.7 seconds.

Fuel consumption is equally brisk, drinking down 6.3 mpg around town and 16.2 mpg on the highway for a Euro combined cycle of 10.2 mpg. But between the $38,000 tires and $21,000 service appointments, the cost of fuel will be the least of the owner's worries.

Check out page two for the full list of stats on the new Super Sport, but bring your metric-to-American conversion chart.


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Comments (6)
  1. Hum...Is there a video available about this Bugatti Super-Sport breaking the SSC Aero's world speed record? I've trying to find one and I haven't been able to...and I wonder how such a remarkable event is not backed up by a video like those we have seen many times in this forum and others...

  2. It was on Top Gear and the Guinness guys were there. James beat the SSC's record himself, then the Bugatti driver went and got another 10km/h over the speed James got.

  3. SS, thank you for your reply. I am subscribed to Top Gear and I saw this guy showing a portrait, related to a Guinness record, I guess. But I wasn't able to find the video I've been looking for. The only video about a Bugatti that is available there and that I have seen it in many other places many times is the one about the Bugatti setting the "unofficial" 253mph. Anyway, if there's a web video, must likely there is a link to it, could you please post it in this forum? Thanks again!

  4. Really? They are gonna limit the top speed to 1-2 mph over the old SSC record run? It's clear that SSC's only goal is to beat the Bugatti but I never thought it was such a competition for a world renowned company like Bugatti. They are more concerned about this top speed run than I thought. I'm glad the next gen SSC is going to beat 268 because Bugatti should not be limiting their speed. If I buy the fastest production car in the world (268 mph), I want it to be able to hit 268 mph. In my eyes I say the official top speed of the new Bugatti should be listed at 258 mph as that is what the "stock" is capable of. You bet your bottom dollar that the American made SSC won't be limited!

  5. James May is no professional driver by any stretch of the means but here is beatng the SSC while talking and laughing on camera! I would'nt mind betting the SSC takes nerves of steel to do such speeds.

  6. @Patrick its limited to prevent tyre blow, for SAFETY of the driver, they use SPECIALLY made tires by Michelin, and u think SSC aero can easily reach 268mph?? think again, u need to improve aerodynamics, and more importantly tires, because u dont want something happened to your tires when u are doing 415kph, and just admit it, veyron SS faster than ssc in all aspect, faster, quicker and it tops Top Gear lap time with 1m16.8s, ssc is very2 far away from veyron's performance... and ssc is ugly..

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