Rendered: Buick Regal Coupe

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Opel Insignia GTC Coupe/Buick Regal Coupe rendering

Opel Insignia GTC Coupe/Buick Regal Coupe rendering

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We’ve already seen Opel expand its Insignia lineup with the Hatchback and Sports Tourer, as well as the more recent OPC performance variant, but there’s one more model in the works that’s destined to be the most exciting and extreme. The model in question is a new coupe variant based on 2007’s stunning Gran Turismo Coupe (GTC) concept and if built it leaves the gateway open for the possible launch of a two-door version of the U.S. market Buick Regal.

You see, the Buick Regal is essentially a rebadged Opel Insignia, which means other Insignia variants could possibly make it to the U.S. as well. Earlier this year Buick’s director of design, John Cafaro, suggested that there was definitely a spot in Buick’s lineup for a coupe and a Regal-based two-door could very well be the car we see fill it.

The Insignia coupe isn't expected in Europe until 2013, however, meaning it would wait at least that long before coming to America. One thing that could bode well for its arrival on our shores is that Opel would need to sell 30,000 units each year to make a business case for the car. That would be tough to achieve in Europe alone, but exporting them to the U.S. could bolster their numbers significantly.

This computer generated rendering of a possible Opel Insignia coupe gives us a good indication as to what the new model will likely look like, suggesting the dramatic styling of the original GTC concept will be toned down significantly.

Powertrain options should mirror that of the Insignia/Regal, which means that a high-performance all-wheel drive GS version complete with a 255 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine matched to a six-speed manual could be launched. Just what the doctor ordered to liven up Buick’s image.

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  1. That could be very nice! However, still no one has explained why we get the 255hp 4 as our "top of the range", when the OPC/VXR version has a glorious turbo V6 with over 320hp? What gives? Does it not meet US emmission standards, or is Buick going to do a "GSX" positioned above the GS like in 1970?

  2. Michael, the reason we are getting the 255hp/295 ft/lbs. Torque 2.0T is trifold: 1.The 2.8T gets horrendous gas mileage. 2.Manufacturing costs will be cheaper as the lower tuned 2.0T w/220hp is the intermediate engine for the Regal. 3.Driveability. Because of the lower weight for the 2.0T vs. the 2.8T, GM is claiming that the Regal GS will actually handle better than the OPC. Also, they are claiming that because of the slightly lower weight and fairly close torque ratings, the GS will be just as quick off the line as the OPC.
    As a sidenote, GM already offers aftermarket Stage kits for the 2.0T to improve power. They could be purchased at dealerships for the Solstice GXP, Sky Redline, and Cobalt SS Turbo. I see no reason why they wouldn't market a similar kit for the Regal GS.
    This coupe is gorgeous. I hope Buick builds a Regal coupe that looks like the rendering.

  3. the reason that they arent is probably because they cant keep cranks in the 2.8. i've been on various opel sites and thats the biggest problem with that engine-from owner reports.

  4. Thanks guys. I guess I'm more old fashioned; I still don't think it should inherit the "GS" moniker, but I've always wanted an Insignia, and the lighter weight would be a bonus. Didn't know it was the same turbo mill that was in the Sky/Solstice. If I remember correctly, those kits could get over 300hp. I think that would be an awefully high strung little engine, and though I know people have gotten over 700hp out of old Lancer Evo 4s, I think a larger displacement engine could achieve the same numbers while being more reliable and streetable.

  5. Beautiful. Buick should build it. And plop the turbo in there!

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