First Details On Next-Gen Volkswagen Phaeton, U.S. Market Crucial

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The Phaeton flagship sedan may have been a major flop for Volkswagen but officials are keen for a launch of a successor. The car was priced similarly to BMWs and Audis but it wore a humble VW badge, and there was nothing particularly exciting or innovative about it either. It had mundane styling, poor dynamics and a much heavier chassis than its Audi A8 cousin--need we go on.

Yes, by all accounts, the Phaeton was a flop and nowhere did it perform more badly than in the U.S. where the decision to drop the car came just two years after launch. Since going on sale back in 2003, VW managed to find a local home for just 3,354 cars in total, but despite the poor result the automaker is considering bringing the next-generation Phaeton to the U.S.

A significantly refreshed version (pictured) will go on sale in Europe later this year, however, the car destined for a U.S. return will most likely be an all-new model.

For the next-generation Phaeton, VW won’t be so ambitious. Instead of targeting the likes of the 7-Series and A8, and their respective European buyers, VW will be going after American and Chinese buyers. This means the Phaeton will be growing in size, and it’s styling will also be made more flamboyant.

A platform change is also on the cards, with the current Audi A6’s underpinnings likely making the cut. The engine lineup will most likely be trimmed, with the V-6 and V-8 units remaining and a new hybrid option being added, the same from the 2012 Touareg Hybrid. Gone will be the W-12 monster and V-10 TDI units.

Whatever the outcome, don't expect to see the new Phaeton in showrooms for at least a couple of years.


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Comments (11)
  1. I dont need buy a next generation VW Phaeton will not share Audi's MLP Platform like D4 platform. it will not front engine-RWD layout.

  2. USA buyers are so inept when it comes to recognizing a proper auto from the mundane or weird one. Anyone that actually looked at a Phaeton would recognized it was the equal of anything MB, BMW, Infinity, or Lexus was offering at the time, and certainly was more handsome in appearance. As one of the premier auto makers in the world, why do some still see the VW logo on the grill as a negative?

  3. I have never heard or read anyone who has driven a four-wheel drive W8 or W12 Phaeton, which shared its platform with the Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur, report that it had "poor dynamics." So now Americans have to settle for a watered down "flamboyant" version? Cars built for the lowest common denominator have never dazzled me. NC2000: right on.

  4. Can I ask why in ANY market this car would compete against the Audi A8 when Audi is part of the VW empire

  5. i think this looks nice but its gotta do alot better than that to compete with a8,s-class etc... if they undercut the price compared with audi merc and bmw then it will be a bit more tempting to buy.... but then again people who buy these types of cars dont care about the price.. sooooo no one will buy this car.

  6. In USA many people they look depressed and depressing life, therefore, cars with intelligent design is not consistent with their appearance, therefore, Volkswagen cars are not preferred.
    The ugly designs of Japanese cars are preferred for their aspet square and deformed, they are like many people in the usa.

  7. MaXimO, do you even know what your talking about?

  8. Denton, I think VW/Audi are trying to create a sibling rivalry like Hyundai/KIA.
    It doesnt make sense to stay int he same segment I know, but both VWAG and HKAG insist on the in company rivalries they have.
    It does benefit in making VW into the new Audi and Audi into something better. Like KIA is becoming the new Hyundai and Hyundai is going upmarket. Then in the future Hyundai will move over from near Luxury to luxury, and KIA will move to near luxury.
    It makes all 4 brands strive harder to be better than they were before.

  9. i love that these cheap car brands are raising their standards! i still wouldnt buy one but i like that there will be less crap cars on the road =] one day i think all cars will be a very high standard and the only crap cars will be the extremelly cheap cars like the new indian brand. i just love the effort that is being put into design these days! =]

  10. HyundaiSmoke, that is not really true, Kia is being made into the sporty youth brand while Hyundai is luxury

  11. I drive and have driven since 2005 a V.W. Phaeton.I now have 86,000. miles on the 2005 I have with no real problems.My second car is a Bentley GTC,which I love,but on many occasions I prefer to drive the Phaeton.It is a wonderful car and I will be the 1st in line to buy a new Phaeton.The largest shortcoming of the Phaeton was the lack of a marketing program to sell the cars initially.

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