Cadillac Working On Flagship Sedan Beyond XTS

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The 2003 Cadillac Sixteen concept was a game-changer that never got the chance to change the game. Stunningly good-looking with plenty of classic Cadillac cues but no cloyingly retro look, the car spoke of promise for the future of Cadillac. And then 2008 happened. Followed by 2009.

But a new ‘true’ flagship is reportedly back on the drawing board at Cadillac and this time GM CEO Ed Whitacre himself has authorized the project. The word isn't that the Sixteen will be built, but it'd be crazy for Cadillac not to draw on it for direction.

The XTS Platinum Concept, itself already given the production green light, borrowed just a bit from the concept and was warmly received by media and showgoers alike. However, the XTS is essentially a larger version of the Buick LaCrosse with an all-wheel drive system thrown in to hide its humble front-wheel drive underpinnings.

The new flagship Cadillac, on the other hand, will be bigger yet than the XTS and will come with rear-wheel drive as standard, with all-wheel drive remaining an option for those northern climates. In this way, the new Cadillac flagship will be a true rival for the established players in this segment like the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Its underpinnings will likely be based on a modified version of the Sigma platform, which in its current form is used by the Cadillac CTS. Power could come from anything from a new turbo V-6 to an LS V-8, though GM is also likely to look to leverage its hybrid technology for the task as it did with the XTS. Proportions for the car could draw heavily from the sixteen concept, with its long hood, coupe-like cabin profile and sleek, rounded proportions all well-suited to the role of the flagship sedan. It may shed the rounded rear for a more conventional sedan profile, however.

Sadly, the new flagship isn't due until the 2014 model year. But the potential for a truly range-topping Cadillac luxury flagship is terrific--provided the company can pull it off and deliver a car that meets or beats the competition.

In the meantime, there are some other bright spots to look forward to from Cadillac.

The XTS is expected to arrive sometime next year, replacing the current STS and DTS lines. A new entry-level ATS range, including a sedan, coupe and convertible are due around the 2012 mark and could be followed shortly by a redesigned CTS. Finally, a brand new version of the Escalade is expected to bow in sometime in 2013.

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Comments (18)
  1. A rwd range topping car will be great for Caddy, a better S-class/7 series car then say the XTS

  2. I hope Cadillac XTS with high horsepower V8 with RWD. If it will not joke. It will best American Luxury Car. I will dump all Lincoln cars with FWD. I want stop a junkie luxury car to Cadillac.

  3. Matt have you not seen the XTS, it is built on a version of the Epsilon platform, so not rwd in the least.

  4. I think cadillac needs to change their design study up a bit. they have been using the sharp edgy look for some time and its aging quickly instead of gracefully... but a halo type care would suffice in the caddy line up.... a rwd or a smart awd system would be awsome with 400+ american ponies..

  5. phil12321, they did have a halo car, was called the XLR

  6. The Sixteen was such a no-brainer for Cadillac that it figures it was stillborn by GM

  7. "NND" yes i do realize that they did have a halo car but they dont now, and their line up could use a car that evolves the Cadillac image.....

  8. phil12321, that is what the CTS coupe in V-series is for, but Caddy needs to expand their line up, for a vehicle like this to take on the S class and one to take on the 3 series

  9. While tho whole world is downsizing, Cadillac decides that it's time for a 12-cylinder??? Timing isn't a quality of the GM-board, is it? Don't get me wrong, I really like big and powerful cars but I'm afraid that the rest of the world doesn't anymore. Great idea, 20 years too late....

  10. I think Cadillac is making the right moves so far. The CTS is now doing battle with the 5 Series and the E Class. The CTS is really to big to compete with the C and the 3. The ATS which is do out soon will handle them with it's smaller size. The XTS is for a certain demographic of clients and buyers. This car is all about luxury and comfort. This car is really for the older crowd who like that big american DTS feel who want the big luxury car that feels like your still sitting on your couch at home while driving. It's also going to target the car services for VP business excutives with all it's luxury interior. Cadillac can't afford to loose this crowd of buyers/clients. The DTS is old so it's time for them to replace it. Next up will be the car that will go head to head with the 7 Series and S Class. I know design wise they will hit a home run. If they add a twin turbo V6 or a V8 it will be a home run!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cadillac is aiming high to take on the BMW 7-Series, and the mighty S-Class. Although i'm not a huge fan of Cadillac , i'm praying to God that they dont screw this new flagship up, especially if they plan on stealing S-Class customers. IMO, they should keep the stunning design of the Sixteen and make a production car from it. Add some V8's and posibly a biturbo V12, like our friends from Germany, and call it a day. But of course, this is an American brand and we all know how it will turn out...

  12. I would be more interested in an Infiniti flagship sedan. But why not give Cadillac a try.

  13. and call it a day. But of course, this is an American brand and we all know how it will turn out...

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    I will always support you

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