Report: Toyota FT-86 Delayed For Design Change

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Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept

Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept

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We've been waiting--patiently, if somewhat eagerly--for the rebirth of Toyota's sporting heritage in the form of the FT-86. Unfortunately the latest reports say the car will be delayed as late as 2013 to undergo a design change.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Just three months ago, the Web broke into a text-fight over whether the FT-86 would be facing a significant design change--reports flew both ways. It looks like the doomsayers for the 2011 release of the FT-86 won out in the end, though we'll have to wait for official confirmation to declare the winner by decision.

Previous pish-poshing of the design change rumors had come from as high as Jaromir Cech, the project's lead designer, who told Autocar in February that some minor features would change to comply with pedestrian and other safety regulations, but that the core design would remain intact. Apparently things have gone downhill from there, as the latest word is that Toyota wants to better time the car's release for a more robust market, and due to the later launch, will need a fresher face.

We'd rather see Toyota do the FT-86 right and have it succeed than have it a couple years earlier, but we'd rather see something--anything--with a sould come out of the company that once built the AE-86, the Supra, the MR-2 and the MR-2 Spyder. Not to mention the 2000GT.


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Comments (4)
  1. The body design is excellent but the dumbshit that designed the 100hp and 200hp I4 and V6 models needs to be shot.
    And since it is a modified version of the FT-HS (the supra replacement) shouldnt they be worried about its reputation aka performance?
    C'mon Toyota, get you damn heads together and do it right for the sake of car advocates everywhere!

  2. @Ron
    Get your damn head together! There is, and was never an I4, or V6 designed, developed, or anywhere in the plan for this car. Where do you get your news from? All along the planned powerplant for the FT-86 has been the 2.0 liter Subaru Boxer (flat) 4. The only thing I do agree on is that the power output needs to be higher when this is car finally released.

  3. @ Saabaru5
    You need to chill the fuck out dude. The only thing I'm wrong about is the V6, that was an assumption I made. And the layout isn't the main point anyway, the power output is the only thing in question.
    Here it says they are downgrading to a 1.5L 4 cylinder. I just assumed I4 but no one actually knows.
    And also, Subaru is backing out of the deal so it is most likely not going to be the Subaru boxer engine. What idiot thought of taking off the Subaru's fat turbo? The only thing that keeps a Subaru from lagging at high speed like other 4 cylinder cars is the turbo strapped on. No one can contest that statement.
    Bottom line is: this car is going to no doubt suck fat ass however you word it. The most powerful planned motor is a 200hp 4 cylinder. Really Toyota?

  4. the 1.5L is probably the new baby hybrid e/g, that should be featured in smaller city cars such as the Yaris HSD, ain't it?
    I actually liked the design of that one for a change, very 350z-ish...
    Pedestrian protection my ass...they're just reviewing their margins on chassis elements and other crash test items...dear dear
    just put the goddam 450RX's 6 cylinders engine, that'll bring some fun to the game

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