2011 Chrysler 200 Partially Revealed In New Teasers

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Few who've driven the Chrysler Sebring  have much in the way of kind words to say about it. A coarse engine, an interior that wouldn't pass muster at Fisher-Price and dated exterior design combine to make a car that's destined for a myriad of "worst of" lists. And Chrysler realizes that, in a big way.

The automaker is now working on a heavily revised version of the car that will go by the name 200. Due in the fourth quarter of the year, the 2011 Chrysler 200 will be styled along the lines of the 200C EV Concept from last year's Detroit Auto Show, with a much-improved interior.

Some of the other changes include installation of a standard new 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine or optional Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6, as well as adding a dual clutch transmission.

The latest teaser shots of a preproduction model show details of the restyled front and rear of the core Sebring platform, with swept-back lights and a waterfall style grille. The rear lights are close to those of the concept, but the center section of the Sebring remains, including the rear roof pillar.

The new 2011 Chrysler 200 will likely make its world debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show in November and have to soldier on until a replacement based on Fiat Group’s new Compact-Wide platform arrives around 2013. Importantly, the Dodge Avenger is expected to undergo a similar update.


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Comments (15)
  1. Well, THAT will fix all those quality problems. Pretty easy, wasn't it? I'm just trying to figure out who their target demographic is: someone who needs a car, doesn't read or watch televised news programs, isn't a car enthusiast, wants a new car but isn't younger than 50. Drives less than 6K miles per year, loves their local Chrysler dealer, can afford a new Sebring but not a Taurus. Lives on salted roads during the winter. I'm counting about 2,200 people, not including their cats.

  2. "I'm just trying to figure out who their target demographic is: someone who needs a car, doesn't read or watch televised news programs, isn't a car enthusiast, wants a new car but isn't younger than 50." Heck, you've just described the average American consumer. No wonder Toyota sells so many cars in the US.

  3. Haha uragan... spot on mate. I just feel bad for all the idiots out there that actually bought one - think how many condescending looks they must get when they go to Denny's...

  4. I think 200C would have been a better name or if they actually make a 200C with rwd how about 100C

  5. I just want to say one thing; Nassau? The first sentence of our national anthem goes like "Wilhelmus van NASSAUe, ben ik van Duitschen bloed." The name will probably raise some eyebrowse here in Holland but nevertheless i'm sure it will be a good car.

  6. Since Fiat is moving Chrysler to America and Lancia for Europe no problem since they will be linked

  7. That is not a "waterfall style grille."

  8. Most of you are just jealous! The Current Chrysler sebring is a top IIHS Safety pick, So it's safer than almost all of the other midsized vehicles you all rave about. Also you can blame Daimler for the cost cutting that took place in the current Sebring! BTW the current version gets 30MPG the same as or more than the other midsized vehicles in its class! Look for the 200C to SHAME the (unsafe) Camery as well as the Boring Taurus! Chrysler's sales increased by 61% last month more than any other auto maker. Those of you who bash Chrysler are in store for many sleepless nights ahead! Go Chrysler!!!!

  9. ^i truly can't believe the current sebring has a fan, let alone a defender...anywhoot.
    i was cut (albeit slightly) by an interior piece of plastic along the mold line in a new sebring. i've never sat in a more horrible car, so ANYTHING would be an improvement over the travesty that is the current sebring.

  10. The Chrysler's "top IIHS safety pick" will certainly be a comfort for those whose regrettable past car-buying decision has them aiming for the nearest tree or telephone pole. In any case, it's hard to imagine the new 200C making much of a dent in Camry, Accord and Taurus sales. Chronically damaged brands are rarely revived by a single car, especially one that isn't all-new and must compete in arguably the industry's most competitive market segment. I do wish Fiat well here in the U.S. though. Bring on the Alfas!

  11. We have a 2004 Sebring Limited convertible and love it. It has 76,000 miles and looks and runs like new.

  12. I agree that one revision of a weak offering will not cure all ills. I had one experience with the last Sebring and could not understand the negativity. The interior was ugly and cheap, but the car drove well and in my opinion, looked pretty good in it's upscale version. I loved the grill.
    I'm just hoping, as a Chrysler fan, that the press and the public gives the new model a fair evaluation and stops turning back the clock to revisit old territory and possibly overdone criticism. I also think, given a fair shake and a better product, folks will find favor with the 200 and sales will increase modestly. I think thats all anyone, including Chrysler, should expect.I'll give it a shot, why not?

  13. Kinda looks like a Hyundai Sebring to me or a Chrysler Sonata.

  14. Much as I like the new V6, I hope Chrysler gives a turbo 4 as an alternative, get all the power of a V6 with better fuel economy (Yes I know, taking a page outta Hyundai's playbook)

  15. It's just a superficial makeover for 2011, but a complelte redo for 2012.

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