Five Reasons BYD Is An Up-And-Coming Automaker

1. Anything Warren Buffet buys turns to gold
Known for his colossal amount of money, Warren Buffet is the third richest man in the world and one of the most well known investors worldwide, and he bought 10 percent of Chinese automaker BYD in 2008.

2. Experience in producing rechargeable batteries
For those of you who don’t know, if you open the back of your cellphone, you’ll most likely find a BYD battery powering it. Due to their experience in the battery industry, BYD is expected to be a major competitor in the hybrid industry once it hits the U.S. market.

3. Create nearly all parts
Many automakers use parts from a variety of different companies in order to ensure costs stay low. BYD, due to its Chinese origin, already has cheap labor, which allows them to produce nearly all of the parts. From air conditioners to windows, BYD produces nearly everything that it rolls out in its vehicles.

4. Rapid Growth
In less than a decade, BYD has become one of the fastest growing automakers in the entire industry. Despite all of their sales, BYD has kept up with production and not faltered. If their growth continues at this rate, they will become the largest automaker by 2025.

5. Partial Expansion to U.S. in 2010
BYD’s CEO has previously hinted to the The Wall Street Journal that they are planning on pushing their line of vehicles out to the U.S. this year. Their e6 electric vehicle, which can travel 250 miles on a nine hour charge, will be available for sale to celebrities and government organizations. They are currently selling more stock to ensure that they can afford a full expansion in the future, however, until they are able to decrease costs and auto insurance premiums that will come along with it, BYD will need to limit their ambitions for the U.S.

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  1. First the 3series isnt a sports car. But there are auto Vettes, Miatas, MR2s etc so the question is still valid. I guess people buy a car more for styling than driving experiance?
    And as far as Autos being "better" my Mom has a 06 Auto V6 Accord coupe. I saw a manual one run 14.9 on the same night, hers would only run 16.2 No difference but the tranny.
    Some high-zoot twn clutch things are a squilch faster than the manual counterpart. Ferraris F430 comes to mind. But, I would trade those thousandths of a second for the involvement and flexibility of a proper three pedal setup.
    3 Series Bmw

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