Voluntary Recall Issued On 2010 Lexus GX 460

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It’s a well known fact that taller vehicles with high centers of gravity, like SUVs, have a tendency to rollover during high speed corners but a multitude of safety features introduced in such vehicles in recent years have largely negated the problem. However, there are still some of these vehicles that customers should err on the side of caution--at least that’s the opinion of Consumer Reports.

The influential magazine last week urged customers to avoid buying the recently introduced 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV because it may rollover in certain situations--the first time the magazine had issued a "don't buy" recommendation on any Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicle. It’s also the first time the serious warning had been issued since the 2001 Mitsubish Montero Limited.

Based on its own internal testing, the magazine found that the slow reaction of the vehicle's electronic stability control system when a driver takes it around a corner while quickly lifting off the throttle can lead to a situation called “lift oversteer”. According to the magazine’s testers, this, in conjunction with the vehicle’s weight and tire specification, could potentially lead to a rollover.

Lexus has already sold more than 9,000 GX 460 SUVs worldwide since the vehicle was launched three months ago and will investigate the matter further. The company has announced today that it will conduct a voluntary safety recall on approximately 9,400 GX 460 SUVs to update software in the vehicle’s stability control software. No other Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicles are involved in this latest recall. The stability control system helps control a loss of traction in turns as a result of front or rear wheel slippage during cornering.

The software update comes after Lexus’ own engineering teams tested the GX 460 using Consumer Reports’ specific parameters to rectify the issues. Starting in early May, Lexus will begin mailing letters to GX 460 owners included in this recall.

[Consumer Reports, Lexus]

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Comments (15)
  1. Oh my! Oh my,my,my! The Toyota fiasco has exposed the automotive press as "in the tank" for imports and now they are doing their homework.
    They panned the very safe,capable, economical and apparently reliable Jeep Patriot/Compass twins without mercy and now we find out that maybe, just maybe, they should have been a "best buys". I looked at them both at the NYC car show and found them very attractive both inside and out, an excellent offering for the price. Oh my! Oh my, my, my!!!!

  2. What is this, a "kick 'em while their down" move? To my knowledge, the GX is based on the 4Runner platform, and I've heard nothing like this about the 4Runner. It's more likely common sense to know, that when buying an "old school" body on frame SUV, you will also get a higher center of gravity and the vehicle will more easily go shiny side down.. I'm not understanding why they would point this out on the GX when they could likely duplicate the "lift oversteer" with several other body on frame SUV's, regardless of electronic nannies intruding.

  3. Saabaru5, Consumer Reports claim that the GX 460's different weight and tire specifications compared with the 4Runner was the reason the Toyota didn't get the warning and the Lexus did.

  4. I ponder if Toyota would have stopped sales if all their current problems hadn't happened ...

  5. Interesting to know. I guess it makes sense considering all the extra weight from the added luxury amenities in the Lexus, not to mention the 4Runner has larger, and more aggressive rubber. This is unfortunate for Toyota right now. I am confident that Toyota will regain their impeccable image, it's just a matter of time. The quality is there, they've just had a few missteps. There are a lot of bright minds at Toyota, and you can bet that what doesn't kill them, will make them stronger.

  6. Where is the rollover? For me it looks like a nice drift! I'm curious to see how a Escape would held a drift like this. Consumer reports is playing a mass media influence control. Can we say that all SUV can rollover in a situation like this? The answer is probably yes, because of a rised gravity centre. And after all, who's driving his SUV like this?

  7. Philippe, the fear is that the drift will cause the vehicle to slide until it hits something like a kerb and then flip. In the video CR states that all the SUVs slide but the Lexus GX does more than the others.

  8. Toyota could either widen the track, slightly increase the negative camber on the rear tires or both.

  9. I have a GX since 4 months now... Whats wrote up there is bullshit, its a wonderful car the speed i could get in it is 190 km/hr I couldnt go further because of the street, its luxuries, powerful... so dont believe whats wrote up there

  10. how many poeple really drives like that with an SUV? If i wanted to drive like that i would buy a sports car, every car have its own functionality. This was the most BS warning ever!

  11. I am a owner of a GX 460. I am totally disgusted by Government motors secretive plot to sabotage the reputation of japanese automakers. They obviously started from the top and chose the top manufacturer ,Toyota. This is ofcourse my humble opinion, however, I feel that the timing and coincidence of the top three detroit losers that almost all needed bailouts because they made inferior products out of greed by lazy union workers and now currently OWNED by the government is obviously behind ALL of this.
    They tried their hardest to roll it over and could not and labeled it unsafe? This is such a joke. If anything, I have MORE faith in the cars abilities than before and Im sure after the FIX it will be even better. Domestic cars could not hold a candle next to a Lexus, a car made with pride and meticulous care in a culture that values hard work and prides itself in the quality and craftsmanship of its products, whatever their nationality or skin color is.
    30 years of a impeccable history of reliability and quality will not be so easily tarnished in my mind. The fact that so many people are so gullible and easily influenced is saddening. They might have made a few mistakes but the fact remains, they are STILL far more reliable and built far superior to most domestics.
    I think Toyota will come out of this even bettter than before and this will benefit the loyal owners out here. They will be an even stronger ,superior company after they weather this storm of B.S.

  12. Kelvin, off the bat you sound ridiculous claiming a "conspiracy" by GM/the (not so) big three.
    Second of all, have you no memory of the massive '90s recall of the Explorer (due to defective Firestone tires)? Would you have claimed that that was a "secretive plot" by the Asian companies to gain footing in the then US dominated SUV market? Of course not!
    Finally, yes Toyota has made some extremely reliable cars. However, you must realize this is a new decade. The American cars are not the crap they were in the '80s and '90s. Chrysler has some catching up to do(particularly in their drivetrains), but the current Fords are world class and the new GM cars should be competitive with Cadillac already posessing a strong line up, and the attractive, revitalized Buicks bringing back a company from the verge.

  13. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've never been a supporter of Consumer Reports, and I enjoy cars from Britain, Japan, Germany, and the US, so I'm not just a blind supporter of any manufacterer, foreign or domestic. Furthermore, I've always felt that the "it's not a safe SUV because it could roll over" argument is not a fair argument. Any reasonably tall, heavy vehicle can roll over if you drive as if you were driving a sports car. In fact, I guarantee that any body on frame SUV can be rolled. You can't argue with physics.

  14. I think you sound ridiculous too with your claims.
    I stated it was just my opinion , NOT a CLAIM. So relax and slow your roll,tough guy with the go tee and nice shades BTW.
    You are entitled to your opinions and me to mine. Chill with the condescending tone.

  15. ok... a Hooked on Phonics moment.. why is the word Baahhb censored ?
    thank you
    jhon smith
    Ford Cars

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