Rare Jaguar XJ220 Supercar Abandoned In Desert

Jaguar XJ220 abandoned in desert

Jaguar XJ220 abandoned in desert

This is gonna hurt! This appears to be a poor Jaguar XJ220 found abandoned in the Qatari desert. According to reports the car was originally sold in Dubai and last seen six years ago in Beirut, Lebanon. It was found abandoned with only 560 miles on the clock. Once the rarest car on earth, this poor car was just discarded like an empty beer can.

At the time this XJ220 was introduced it was worth $650,000 and was a 212 mph supercar. Originally it was to be powered by a Tom Walkinshaw tuned V-12 engine with all-wheel drive and some cool scissor doors. By the time the car was produced, the drivetrain was changed to rear-wheel drive, the engine to a turbocharged V-6, the doors opened like any normal car, and the pricetag went up by $70,000. Needless to say, not many people were happy with the changes and lawsuits flew like sparrows. Still, they did get one of the most beautiful supercars in the world even if some of the parts were from other automaker's bins, like the rearview mirrors sourced from the Citroen CX2.

This particular XJ220 is finished in Lemans Blue and would still bring in an easy quarter million once you did a little cleaning. How the car got to be abandoned in the desert is unclear, but it does make you wonder about its former owner. It is believed to be the only one out there, but just in case, I think I will bring my metal detector next time I am in Qatar.

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Comments (11)
  1. When you have lots of money you can afford to waste beautiful cars like this.

  2. need to get to the dessert and find my next mid-life crisis car. kind of sad - looks like the real deal to me.

  3. This car must have a very, very interesting story. I hope you follow up on it.

  4. Poor little kitty. Someone get it some milk.

  5. Drugs?

  6. Man, that's an amazing story. Would love to learn more of the background there.

  7. I was always of two minds about the XJ220. Its specs, as noted, were less than overwhelming, and I'm not sure the styling (typical of its 1992-1994 lifetime, which the author forgot to note) has dated particularly well. Looks fat from many angles. Still, I'd be there like a shot if someone offered it to me. :)

  8. Everybody is assuming so much about this car, the tires are still inflated so I doubt it's abandoned. The owner of this car is a lucky guy, for all anybody knows he (or she) may have got it for a song and is planning a full resto. Qatar has some really smart car dealers and I'd wager the Jag workshop would have this in top condition again without much problem.

  9. You cant waste such a car even if you have a lots of money becouse this is not a ugly ww golf. Its XJ 220 one of the rarest cars. About the plot. I suppose owner was assasinated and someone needed to get rid of the car

  10. This is such a sorry state. A great car, I am mystified how such a thing could be allowed to happen. If you prefer looking at cars like this in all their clean, perfect splendour, then look at my galleries on www.Mycarheaven.com

  11. is this car still there or has any1 moved it ?

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