2013 Ford Fiesta ST Spy Shots

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We've previously spied Ford testing its new four-cylinder EcoBoost engine in the U.S., with engineers using a sporty variant of the 2011 Ford Fiesta three-door hatchback as their guinea pig. This sporty variant will be known as the Fiesta ST when it goes on sale late next year as a 2013 model.

We’ll get our first taste of the Blue Oval’s new global effort for the ST range early next year when the bigger 2012 Ford Focus ST goes on sale. The Fiesta ST won’t bow in until after that but as we can see, Ford’s Team RS and SVT performance engineering divisions are putting prototypes through a punishing testing regime to hone performance and driving dynamics.

Today we add further to the Fiesta ST's unmasking with these shots of the car during competitive testing on the notorious Nurburgring circuit in Germany. This time, both the three-door and five-door models are out and about.

New to the game are the Recaro seats spotted in the cabin, confirming this is more than just an EcoBoosted Fiesta. A front-mount intercooler with piping on either side can clearly be seen in earlier prototypes.

Other telltale signs that this is a performance variant of the Fiesta are the dual exhaust tips, diffuser, sporty bodykit and 17 inch alloy wheels--the latter of which were probably installed to house a set of bigger brakes. Sadly, the full roll-cage seen on these prototypes won’t be a production option.

Ford is planning to introduce a new four-cylinder EcoBoost engine to the Fiesta, which suggests that the engine in this prototype also features direct injection technology. The engine is most likely based on the regular 119 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine from the 2011 Ford Fiesta but with the aid of EcoBoost output should be closer to the 180 horsepower mark.

The previous-generation Ford Fiesta ST sold overseas was fitted with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter Duratec engine and had 148 horsepower on tap, so expect the new 2011 model to offer a definite power bump.

The new 2013 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost should make its debut in the second half of next year, possibly with an unveiling at the Chicago or New York auto shows that same year.

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Comments (13)
  1. Well, I am sure many will complain that it should get the 2 liter EcoBoost, however this engine is good enough with the light weight of the Fiesta.

  2. Great looks, and sexy too. 180hp with the little overall weight? That will be a mean super-fun to drive, green machine. I used to drive a 1991, 5 cylinder, 5 speed, 176hp, Acura Vigor, and it was very fast...

  3. I've had the MK7 1.6 3door Titanium Fiesta for 2 years now, will never go back to VW... Even with their new 132kw Polo out now, the MK7 Fiesta ST should make some waves! Can't wait to rip up the streets!!!! I did some mods on my current Fiesta but nothing will let it get to 180hp... »̶̥·̵̭̌

  4. This is going to be an awe-inspiring car from Ford. Looks great, grille has the same Aston Martin/Focus ST look while the lower front intake has some cues taken from their previous Ford Puma.

  5. AWD AWD AWD AWD! Some of us only want an AWD Fiesta!

  6. Ford needs stock RS AWD cars. This ST is only a FWD car. There's a reason why Subaru USA is breaking sales records month after month and its not because of the ugly designs. There most definitely is a market for an AWD, turbocharged Ford here in the US... and I'm not talking about the SHO. Ford needs a hot, fire breathing hatch that can spin all four wheels in the snow. I know a lot of Ford people who like Subarus (and thats what they work on for a living), but deep down, they would sell their Subaru for a Ford in a heart beat.

  7. You guys whining about in not having awd, do you not realize that awd would make this car weigh much more and that would blunt its performance cred. Car this small does not need awd, it is notlike the MINI "SUV".

  8. Look at the Fista RS WRC or Polo R WRC and the Audi S1! ...such a rally vehicle needs all wheel drive. Beware of anyone who tells you you'll never need four- or all-wheel drive, so you may as well just buy a car and be done with it. Whatever the cost of your drive system, all you need to do is use it once to keep you or a loved one from harm, or to get out of a troubling situation, and the added cost of the system will be worth it. But even if you consider these systems merely another safety feature on your vehicle (like airbags, ABS, ESP/ESC (AdvanceTrac), TA/Traction Control systems, electronic brake force distribution (EBD) or seatbelts and so on) and you never have to use the technology, it's still nice to know you have it just in case.

  9. Look at the Fiesta RS WRC... ;)

  10. Consumerism promptings tell us that the Fiesta needs to be AWD to become a good car. It could be given as an option to those who need to pay more to achieve satisfaction, I think. IMO, the Fiesta is intended for the masses, and it is perfect as it is, AWD would cause a higher sticker price, and more likely costly repairs. Cars do not need to meet all European standards to be good cars. AWD and traction control are a need in Europe, where mountain driving is a good part of a driver's job description, especially under snow or wet conditions, but not here in FL, USA for example. I drove a Hummer H2 for four years and full time AWD mode was available at a click of a button, and AWD didn't make the steering any better.

  11. I agree that the Fiesta is intended for the masses, so AWD doesn't need to be standard but as an option for certain of us! AWD and FWD options together...these are the options for all people around the world! In fact, the majority of modern and advanced AWD systems in small/compact cars are usually less expensive and easier to maintain!
    I wish a Fiesta AWD option were available to by 4 people which want it.

  12. Isn't that the grille from a 1962 Galaxie?

  13. I would only buy a THREE DOOR FIESTA. A single, unattached man needs nothing else!

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