Ebay: 1971 Dodge Challenger built on 'Overhaulin' by Chip Foose

Overhaulin Challenger

Overhaulin Challenger

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As a fan of television show "Overhaulin" starring all-around car guy Chip Foose I can honestly say this was one of the better builds that sticks out in my mind over the years.  This 1971 Dodge Challenger was featured on Season 2 episode 8 of Overhaulin and from what I remember the Challenger was bought new and passed down from the father to the son who was eventually Overhauled.  The Challenger is now being offered to the public via Ebay as the family has decided to sell the vehicle due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Not only was this car on "Overhaulin" but it has been featured in Hot Rod Magazine along with being displayed at the SEMA show and the All Mopar Show in Van Nuys where it picked up a first place award.

The 1971 Challenger is powered by a new 440-ci V-8 mated to a 727 transmission with a host of custom parts including a new Stainless Steel Magnaflow exhaust system, Foose Wheels with BF Goodrich rubber, Baer Brakes, Kicker Audio components, Edelbrock parts, Holley Carbs, BeCool radiator and MSD electronics.  After the build on the show the car has only been driven 800 miles so it's pretty much new.

The Challenger still has about 5 days left on the auction and it can be yours for a "Buy It Now" price of $105,000 or you can submit your best offer but don't expect the owner to stray to much from the price.  Check out the auction here.

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Comments (7)
  1. why would he get rid of the car since most people would keep it!!!!

  2. WOW, OMG if I had an all original 90+% perfect 71 challenger I would have been piiiiissed!
    I'll bet it set in later on to the owner the uber molestation his car just went thru.
    Like the poster said above this car is worth a ton more money in this original condition and are very rare as opposed to what they did to it.
    I can see fixing up a junker or clunker or basket case, but then they rolled that immaculate condition 71 challenger I was filled with sadness and anger, like when you see movie destroy these classics because they have the money to do so. I kept saying noooo!! nooo!!! noooooo!!! don't do that the entire time I watched this show.
    There should have been at least one person on the show that said, "hey wait a second I actually know about cars and to do what you are planning to do to this car is a SIN".
    2 thumbs down overhaulin. Next time you see a near mint mopar roll in, make it look factory and put on good rims and beef up the engine mabe, don't molest it.

  3. I cannot believe the last comment by Halcool...the car was shown in super bad conditon upon inspection as soon as they rolled it into their shop...this was in the first 10 minutes of the show. The car was in horrible condition, and Halcool is so off base ridiculing the work done to it....what should have been said, it this is shocking and amazing the show goes balls out to re-do this man's car that was suppose to have so much heritage in the family, then turns and makes a bundle on e-bay by selling it.....Overhaulin' staff should consider making these people they shell out so much for ...sign a waiver saying they cannot turn and unload it like this......most real car enthusiest would never part with a dream machine like this after having that honor done to them. Amazing what greed does

  4. I met Foose in January 2010 and I'm sure he was disappointed that one of his creations was sold for "profit". In fact, one of the people in line with me(I waited 3 HOURS) said that numerous ones were auctioned/sold. I saw the original ad on E-Bay. They mentioned they regretted selling it. Appraised at $300,000 and sold for $79,500? This is really sad. I wish I had been picked for an Overhaul. NO WAY this car would have been sold.
    The other poster who made the negative comments obviously didn't see the episode. The car was ragged and only Foose's team could have done what he did. I should be so lucky!

  5. Yes. The car supposedly meant so much to the people, then the sobs turn around and sell it.

  6. why would u sell a one of a kind car by Chip Foose.All his long hard hours have been wasted just so you can have more money. When I sore the car for sale i could not believe my eyes. That is disgusting

  7. I can say one thing IDIOT!!!! Anyone that sells an Overhauling car is completly out of their mind,especially someone that claimed that the car meant so much to them. Guy must have a meth habit to pay for LOL. I would NEVER sell my truck if I got mine done by Foose,on my death bed I would give the keys to the kids & title to lawyer so it could never be sold.

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