Video: Local Motors Rally Fighter Gets Freaky In The Dirt

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Sourcing its vehicle design from a community of contributors and using micro-factory retailers to build and distribute them, the Local Motors concept is a new take on car development, sales, and construction. The Rally Fighter is the first product out of the company, and as this video shows, it's pretty insanely awesome.

Sure, there are other vehicles that can do more or less what the Rally Fighter does (like Ford's F-150 Raptor), for more or less the same price. But the Local Motors business concept means it will be like no other ownership experience. So far about 70 of the vehicles have been reserved so far. For the full details on how and why Local Motors does what it does, hit up their site at the link below.

But before you do, check out their video of the Rally Fighter bombing through some vicious off-road terrain, getting explained by its creators, and then wreaking even more havoc. And watch to the end for a special chainsaw-wielding remix of Rick Ross's "Hustlin'."

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Comments (7)
  1. I just visited their website and its a very confusing affair. Can someone help with what it is their about exactly?
    There is talk of a contest and ordering a car but no real price.... confused!

  2. saw one on melrose the other day

  3. maybe youre the confusion

  4. maybe you are the confusion

  5. Eric- Yes I'm so confused that I posted my comment once. Any how I just revisited their site and the four buttons along the bottom now work, so I now get it.... Oh and for 50K the website should work always and without errors!!!!

  6. Buckle Bear says calm down My Wheels On Walls. You can post your comment twice if you want to. Don't judge. Like I always say, a person who judges is like a person who doesn't wipe. You don't want to be a no wiper do you? Walking around stinking up the office with your sloppy poppy bumguy.
    I like Audi.

  7. Hey I resent that.

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