Sporty RS Based On 2012 Ford Focus May Get Hybrid AWD System

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It’s a well known fact that the U.S. misses out on most of Ford’s hot products, but with a push for new global models taking shape in Blue Oval offices around the world hopefully we will start to see more of these coveted models make their way into local showrooms.

Last year reports emerged claiming Ford was considering bringing its high-performance Focus RS--a 305 horsepower variant of the European Focus hatchback--to the U.S. but those claims were quickly dismissed by the car’s engineering chief Jost Capito.

Now, with the global 2012 Ford Focus finally revealed, interest in the possibility of an RS version being sold in the U.S. has reignited. After all, Ford’s global product boss, Derrick Kuzak, did reveal at this year’s Geneva Motor Show that a global performance version of the new Focus would be launched.

According to a new report, Ford is working on a new RS but instead of using the current car’s 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo and advanced RevoKnuckle front-wheel drive system and Quaife differential, the next-generation of the high-performance Focus RS will feature a revolutionary hybrid system offering the option of all-wheel drive.

The hybrid system will team a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine with an electric motor in effort to maintain power while cutting emissions and fuel economy. Peak output should remain around the 300 horsepower mark, with drive being sent to the front wheels via the EcoBoost engine and to the rear wheels via the electric motor.

As strange as it may seem that Ford would make such a radical departure for its Focus RS, it’s a move Mitsubishi is planning to do for the next-generation of its Lancer Evolution series, the Evo XI.

Don’t get too excited because the new Focus RS isn’t expected to arrive for at least another three years and anything could change between now and then. In the interim, however, Ford is expected to launch a Focus ST model complete with a 250 horsepower EcoBoost engine and dual clutch transmission.


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Comments (19)
  1. Focus RS vs Evo 11 ooooooh baby. Let the competition begin.

  2. I normally hate hybrids, but I am interested in seeing it used to make an awd system.

  3. You can see an impression of the new Ford Focus RS via this link:

  4. No ford, BAD!
    Get your Grubby hybridising hands off my focus RS!
    I love what the current RS is doing, please don't ruin it with an over wieght hybrid system.
    On the plus side, the use of the new ecobooast 2.0 sounds like a great idea, if they tune it properly.

  5. I agree with Brandon. People who drive these cars are probably not eco-nuts. They don't need the dubious benefits of this reactionary technology at the price of extra cost and extra weight.
    Let's stick to the basics: lighter weight makes for more fun AND reduced polution.

  6. It's great, I wish the new Ford RS will be made preferably with AWD and turbo engine producing over 300 hp, in order to beat frankly Japanese STi and Evo!
    @Bart, such Ford's RS a big tradition!

  7. Please, no hybrid variant! I'd rather have the ST without the hybrid garbage vs. the extra clutter and electrical complication/equipment.
    When the latest RS is such a hit, why not improve it further in the new generation cars.

  8. I will be happy with the 260bhp Focus ST.... Blue please!!!

  9. You guys keep whining about it being a Hybrid, but read carefully, it will still have great power, plus great fuel economy, how is that a bad thing? Plus this system makes it awd which is great with all that extra power.

  10. The issue with a hybrid - even if it has a 300 hp engine is all the extra weight of the motot/genetator wire and batteries, plus the complexity. This extra weight will kill the handling and acceleration.

  11. Hybrid or not, as long FORD makes a Focus with AWD, 0-60mph in around 4.5 to 5.5 seconds (or less), great handling & brakes, and mpg in the upper 20s. I will be the first one at the dealership to get one, and I will finally sell my 02' WRX up for sale.

  12. Just looked in to shipping a RS from the U.K. Cost isn't an issue. The emissions is. I'm looking to get it approved for registration in Texas, less harsh emissions testing than California. If any of y'all have ideas, please send them to If you help, I'll see about driving this baby your way for a test drive.

  13. I just threw up a little.

  14. J Oliver the weight would be less then if an actual awd system was added on

  15. Problem is that Ford never has had the true performer. We want TRUE AWD with a real center diff and not this "on-demand" AWD which is a joke when compared against a true performance oriented AWD system.
    Electric motors can't be modded to increase horsepower. This new dual clutch transmission won't hold a candle to the EVO's dual clutch tranny.
    We simply want a turbo 4cyl manual transmission with a center diff based AWD layout. The motor and transmission need to be rock solid at 400awhp just like the EVO or STI we have *right now*.
    Sounds like Ford want's to play catchup with the Evo. Copying their transmission (too little too late), their idea for a hybrid drive train (once again copied poorly. The Evo will be done right with the motor driving REAR tires and electric driving the front.), and their turbocharged motor which would lay waste to one of the Ecotec motors.
    I think this Evo copycat will cost nearly EVO dollars with less than EVO performance across the board. Where the EVO can hold 400awhp stock I think the Ford will be blowing up at 350awhp.

  16. Hybrid sounds like an amazing idea! I know Mitsubishi was doing this with the next Evo and Nissan has hybrid plans for the next GTR. Go Ford! More torque with the electric motor, AWD, and less gas. Just look at the success of the Porsche 911 hybrid on tracks around the globe. For performance AND fuel hybrid AWD is the way to go.

  17. - Oh and please stop being biased against for Zach and stating such and such copied such and such. If you want to play such games then I can sit here and discuss how Mitsubishi POORLY copied VW's direct shift gearbox and dual clutch transmission. Or how about how they are trying to POORLY copy Porsche's hybrid-performance technology.

  18. Wow, I found this to be very interesting and the comments crack me up! Personally, I love the idea of a hybrid and AWD, however, like a couple of others have mentioned, I also prefer a genuine AWD configuration. IMO, if you create it, do it right Ford! It might very well be Ford's only chance of winning over this special niche segment of buyers! We're watching you Ford! :)

  19. @Zach I want a true performance oriented AWD system too! Focus RS with this full-time AWD would be 100% cool!

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