Students Envisage Bentleys Of The Future With New Design Concepts

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The future of automotive mobility is a question that has always captivated the mind of the automaker and the driver alike. Today Bentley takes its turn to give us a glimpse into what it thinks the future may hold, seen through the eyes of design students at Britain's Royal College of Art and their "Bentleys of the Future" project concepts.

A total of 18 Vehicle Design Course Masters students have spent the last few months studying the work of Bentley’s leading designers, including chief exterior designer Raul Pires who played a key role designing the new 2011 Bentley Mulsanne flagship.

Utilizing key Bentley design cues, they sought to develop a range of striking and futuristic car designs and we think they have achieved that goal quite successfully.

A key part of the project was to combine strong visual design with the latest automotive software. Each car design has undergone extensive testing in a virtual wind tunnel to assess and enhance its aerodynamic capabilities.

From the original field of 18 entries, four finalists have been picked and include Bora Kim, David Seesing, Marten Wallgren and Mikka Heikkinen. Bora, from South Korea, has created a Bentley which enables the owner to easily select their preferred engine for any given journey whilst Sweden’s Marten has created a futuristic version of the Bentley Continental GT.

David Seesing, from Cologne in Germany, hopes to be the third generation of his family to work in the auto industry and has created a radical design with impressive aerodynamics. Completing the line-up is Finland’s Mikka Heikkinen who has created a high-performance Bentley.


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Comments (2)
  1. I am very certain that if BMW makes this car a reality it's going to end up a poster on many a teenage boy's bedroom wall as something to inspire and excite.Sometimes it just takes something utterly outrageous just to say out loud "yeah! I have a car worth more than your house, deal with it."This car has recaptured that sense.Ford and Holden have been building and proving by racing their V8 Supercars for ages. Earlier there used to be other manufacturers but they could not match Ford and Holden so they stopped racing at Bathurst.

  2. You got it all wrong there buddy, Volkswagen owns Bentley while BMW is the proud owner of Rolls Royce.
    There might be no V8 Supercars or could be re-named differently with the addition of other automakers in the near future.. because the Falcon that you see today could very well be the last as it could be replaced by the American Taurus.. as for the Commodore it's still all up in the air but who knows they might follow Ford by replacing Commodore with American Impala.
    Nissan conquered Bathurst and brought terrible shame to this so called Aussie V8's, so what did they do - ban them.

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