Volvo Unveils Direct-Injected And Turbocharged GTDi Engine

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Volvo has unveiled the first of a new range of down-sized gasoline engines that the automaker plans to launch in its cars from this year onwards. The new engines adopt the tried-and-tested method of combining two separate fuel saving technologies, direct fuel injection and turbocharging, in order to make an engine more efficient.

Volvo calls its technology Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDi) and it will debut in the Volvo S80 sedan in overseas markets and eventually filter across to the V70 and XC60 models. No word yet on any U.S. release but there’s a strong chance that the upcoming 2010 Volvo S60 due later in the year will feature a GTDi engine.

As for the unit debuting in the S80, it features a four-valve four-cylinder design and displaces 2.0-liters. Peak output stands at 203 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque--similar numbers to Volvo’s current 2.5-liter engines. Additionally, an overboost function squeezes an extra 15 pound-feet of torque when needed.

Volvo's new GTDi engine also utilizes variable timing for its camshafts. Both the inlet and the exhaust valves' opening times can be varied to optimize the overlap and ensure the correct fill rate in the combustion chamber irrespective of engine revs. This gives the combustion process maximum efficiency throughout the rev range and helps generate rapid acceleration at all speeds.


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  1. I remember seeing a Volvo car at one of the Melbourne Motor Shows in the 1980’s with a 1300 motor that was turbo charged with figures of 100+ kw and 300+ Nm. This new motor is certainly the way of the future. Turbo charging small capacity engines today with the new types of metals used in the motors will give them the durability that the early turbo motors didn’t have.
    It appears this is the way of the future, whether all turbo or part turbo and super charging, those car manufacturers that don’t follow this direction may be left behind. Volvo, Ford, Mercedes and Fiat, but to mention a few, are moving down this path.

  2. I am sure Volvo's new Chinese masters will love this engine.

  3. Are there any mechanical differences between this engine and the Ecoboost 2.0 Ford is producing? Or are they just tuned for different power levels?

  4. jgoldb it is not turbocharged this engine, it is closer to the engine Ford showed off in the new American Focus.

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