Audi Allroad - Bring It Back Stateside

Had an 04 Allroad while I was still living in Atlanta.  What a fabulous car!  It combined the best attributes of a wagon (without the bad looks) & SUV (without being a pig on gas) in a sport/luxury package.  The car was so mis-understood in the US as it never sold in anything but very small numbers.  It wasn't an inexpensive car by any stretch (MSRP was $47-48) but many loaded SUV's were stickering for similar prices too.  The worst mistake I made was turning the car in after the lease expired.  The dealer had multiple buyers waiting to pounce on it.  I should have purchased the car off lease and either kept it or sold it myself at a nice little profit.

The car had an aggressive look with wide, flared fenders, pretty large wheels for that time (17's) and the adjustable air suspension made the car unstoppable.  I had many Audi's over the years (S6, S4, TT, A4's, 90) but the Allroad may have been the best of all.  It certainly didn't handle as well as some of the others but you could easily take curves at high speed with very little body roll.

It's too bad Audi stopped making the car - at least exporting it here.  There are rumors about bringing back an A4 Allroad (the previous model was based on an A6) but with the Q5 being a huge hit the chances are probably pretty slim.

An A4 Allroad with a 4 or 6 cylinder turbo diesel would be killer.  Audi - I hope your listening.
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  1. Bill, I totally agree. I have a 2005 audi allroad. I love it. I bought i new after previous allroad. My husband worries that it is getting older, but I don't want anything else. I looked at Q5 but much prefer my audi SW look. I have gotten many compliments about my allroad.

  2. Bill, just like Betty, I agree. I got rid of my '99 Pathfinder, and purchased a used 2005 Allroad, and it has been just total fun from day one. What a technological powerhouse! It also has every creature comfort imaginable (excepct massageing seats). My love affair with driving has been rekindled due to the road hugging, engine purring perfomrance of the Quattro drive Audi Allroad. What an awesome car! I

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