The Fast And The Furious 5 and 6 In The Works?

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1970 Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious

1970 Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious

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As hokey, inaccurate and downright annoying as the Fast and Furious movies can be at times, we have to recognize their place in cinematic automobilia. They are, after all, some of the only modern big-budget movies made about any aspect of car culture. And now it looks like we may be getting two more sequels.

A Facebook posting by none other than Vin "Dominic Toretto" Diesel himself is the spark behind the new rumors. Diesel posted to his status page, "If 2009's 'Fast and Furious' was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and chapter 3."

Though it's not clear that the two 'chapters' will be filmed as separate movies, the implication that there is more to come from the F&F franchise is clear. So what's next for the street-racing, edge-of-the-law Toretto and his on-screen partner/nemesis Paul "Brian O'Conner" Walker? What do you want to see out of another chapter in the saga? Do you want to see one at all? Let us know below.

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Comments (29)
  1. No...please... stop making sequels!

  2. keep 'em coming!
    it's great for the auto industry.

  3. Someone has more money then brains in Hollywood.

  4. The always have garbage storylines and horrible acting . . . BUT I always watch them because in the end I love cars and seeing them race around is fun regardless of what the crappy actors are doing.

  5. I saw the last movie and the plot was mind numbing. The franchise has only made kids pull out of the movie theater too fast and run over old ladies because they were high on boy racer. I'm a car lover and movies like F&F only serve to cast car enthusiasts in a bad light.

  6. I really enjoy fast and furious films. They are the best!!!!. I want a fifth one!! They should make one with the all of the main characters from each fast and furious movie. That would be awesome. Like if they teamed up to go against a unknown street racing gang they have never known and make it hard!!!!

  7. Yeah y'know what...I love cars and car movies (hell, I saw "Redline"...) but I just can't take any more crappy scripts from that franchise. Vin Diesel, time to admit you WISH you could still pull that badass look off and go make a sequel to "The PAcifier" - that was a real hit with the kiddies, wasn't it?

  8. I would personally like to see some of doms gang from the first movie reappear in the past movie: one of my only disapointments lol im' siked any. If I had them reappear it would have to be in the 6th, 7th, 8th idc long as they all get together as family again in the last movie is made.
    Thanks so much I love the moves hell yes keep making them just keep the same charahters and old with some taste if you know what I mean.

  9. The 1970 Charger was the star of the Movie. If you need examples of great "car" movies check out Bullitt, Ronin, Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The French Connection, Gone in 60 Seconds, White Lightning to name a few.

  10. im all for new movies.. but i think they should take a step back and show Dom with Han the guy who dies in tokyo drift... he was one of the few interesting characters from the a show with dom and han would be awesome

  11. moar....yes moar..

  12. Yes I do enjoy them even though the plot lines are not that good but its just good fun. I would like to see more on Han and his role with Dom in building his street cred in Tokoy.

  13. The stories are not the best but they're fun movies and with no rivals in the genre they will always make money. Keep em comin.

  14. there needs to be no vin or paul in these 2 movies, then they might be watchable.

  15. They need to get rid of the fantasy technology bullshit. The original movie was mostly believable because it was more raw criminal action. The newer movies have become full of stupid technology and wannabee criminals with 'radar' and high tech. equipment, etc. What makes the idea fun is that it's just people that like to go fast. It ruins it when they have futuristic technology, etc. I thought F&F (AKA 4) was terrible.

  16. the f&f movis are awsome to watch i like the actors, the cars, the girls, the storylines, i like everything they do, if they want to make 2 more "chapters" then i say go for it keep them coming and keep the black charger in as many as possible, just quit wrecking it lol there awsome

  17. i hope the new movies will be closer to the first one rather than the last one. last F&F sucked big time!!!

  18. Can't freakin' wait!

  19. Some of these people don't know what in the world they're talking about..!This last movie was definently the best so far,it keeps you guessing at the end.The second and third sucked, because they didn't have the original characters.The original characters make the movie..!I can't wait for a part five..!

  20. What a lot of you hypocritical morons who are against these movies and the actors in them don't apparently realize (or are too stupid to) is that These movies ARE fictional. Dispite everything an actor tells u, for most, it's all about the money. "The Pacifier" wasn't the greatest movie ever, I agree, but it put money in Vin's wallet and food on Vin's table and all the more wealthier to pass his legacy on from generation to generation. So all of you little cry babies out there bitching and complaining about pointless crap on the interweb need to just STFU because me and the hopefull majority of online users are tired of hearing y'alls bull. Thank You and Peace out

  21. of course i want to see another fast and furious movie
    paul walker is really hot

  22. hahaha yeah there ight but come on you got to agree Eva mendez was pretty hot in the 2nd one. She needs to come back in the new one. God Shes sexy

  23. it would be nice if they would bring back some more of the original characters...but definatley more fast and the furious

  24. I really hope there will be more F&F movies . I'm a really big car and motorcycle lover and all the F&F movies give me that rush of adrenaline that i just love to have . I really really hope there will be 6th 7th and more , cuz , I JUST LOVE THE FAST AND FURIOUS FRANCHISE

  25. Check out this new Fast 5 Featurette, the movie looks exciting!!

  26. Yes!! there better be a sixth one or one last 7th chapter to complete the story. I love these movies! great work!

  27. keep them coming. great movies . just saw fast 5 it was fantastic

  28. fast five was really good and near the end when dwayne jhonson said he would find them an i think he was serious and anyways the didn't leave fast five at an end so im pretty sure there gonna make a fast six and i sure hope so

  29. Atleast bring back Dom's red Rx7 fromthe 1st movie prolly still parked in tha garage lol or have him find it being auctioned off lol!!!

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