Report: 2011 Chrysler 300 Being Rushed For November Launch

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A brand new version of the Chrysler 300 is just around the corner, kicking off a product renaissance at Chrysler that will include a score of new or updated models over the next couple of years.

The Auburn Hills-based automaker has already previewed its upcoming 2011 Chrysler 300 in a series of sketches presented during the all-important viability presentations last year and earlier this year a rendering of the car, albeit just a tiny portion of the grille and headlight, was teased at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

The new 300, along with a redesigned 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, are crucial models for Chrysler and its turnaround plan. The automaker hopes to sell up to 1.1 million vehicles in the U.S. this year and possibly break-even--but unfortunately sales levels are already off track for the first quarter.

The introduction of the new Grand Cherokee in the second quarter should boost numbers somewhat, and now Chrysler is considering accelerating the launch of its new 300 to the fourth quarter instead of waiting until next year as originally planned.

The 2011 Chrysler 300 is claimed to be up to 19% more fuel-efficient than the current model and to set it apart from the competition it will also feature new levels of connectivity and entertainment. However, with most of its rivals, like the Toyota Avalon, Buick LaCrosse and Ford Taurus, all having been updated recently, competition will be tougher than ever.

Power will come from Chrysler’s Pentastar V-6 or a Hemi V-8 with cylinder deactivation. A high-performance SRT8 model should also be launched.

Safety features will include “Rear Cross Path” and “Blind Spot Monitoring” systems to warn drivers of unseen vehicles, as well as electronic stability control, an energy-absorbing steering column, and a rear-sill reinforced body structure.

Expect the 2011 Chrysler 300 to now make its debut in November, although given the automaker's current financial state that debut may easily be pushed back. In the meantime, check out some spy shots of a test mule for the 2011 Chrysler 300 by clicking here.

[The Wall Street Journal]

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Comments (21)
  1. I don't believe Chrysler is too far behind in the design and development curve Richard, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Chrysler and Fiat to merge "best Practices/Products" in a concerted effort. In addition, Chrysler will soon be launching outstanding product that has been in the pipeline with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger. All three have been lauded as "top shelf" by all who have seen them in development. In addition, many current vehicles will recieve extensive facelifts and improvements in a few short months and when the new stuff starts rolling, LOOK OUT! A thorough read of Chryslers' 5 year plan is impressive and there is no need to panic, world class product is just around the corner while some is already in the showroom. No Richard, the people at Chrysler see a bright future AND a proud past. Machione gets that message loud and clear.

  2. Baloney. We've heard it all before. Here's what will actually happen: Chrysler will put all its energy and investment into designing a body that will appeal to a significant number of tasteless people. It will then put in engines that are not as advanced as those of the competition, both foreign and domestic. By that point, Chrysler will have run out of time and money, so it will cobble together an interior so awful that even the car's biggest fans will say things like, "It's great, except for the interior." Then, with a great deal of pomp and circumstance, it will launch the car to deafening silence ... apart from the chorus of Chrysler dealers throwing up their arms in anguish and screaming, "why has Chrysler forsaken me?"
    But at least all those union guys will be practically earning 6 figure salaries to take time off when their products don't sell.

  3. Here's something Machione needs to get. Stop trying to force their models down Chrysler's throat. I hope things work out for Chrysler but I do not see how jumping in bed with Fiat will be a good thing? All I can say is, I really appreciate Ford and GM a lot more now!

  4. I'm not going to be as mean as Roy; however, if "top shelf" means 4 speed automatics then forget it! It's ridiculous that Chrysler and Jeep still use 4 speed autos in 2010. "Many current vehicles will recieve(sic) extensive facelifts a few short months...". Really! Just looking at Jeep, the 6 models offered have not been changed in 3 years. Jeep is on its way to distinction if things don't change (and Fiat isn't going to fix Jeep with rebadges.) Dodge has a couple of updated models and even the Challenger. Their best product (Caravan) is in a dying segment, or at least one that is not growing. But these haven't changed anything.
    Fiat bought Chrysler for the dealer network. It's going to take time to get their products over here which is their priority. I just hope Jeep can hang on. I would hate to see them go. Maybe Ford can buy the Jeep brand in a few years and save the Wrangler tradition.

  5. Everything I've read on the next generation Chrysler 300 states that it is breathtaking. I believe that Marcheonni had ordered some last minute changes to make it even more distinctive and elegant. This teaser shot would only verify those opinions. I can't wait to see it in person. I've also read that the new Dodge Charger is a knockout too.

  6. I'll leave alone the puzzling state ment that Jeep is "on it's way to disctinction", but do have a few quick points. Everyone assumes that Chrysler can completely redesign everything immediately. Even if they could, would you give them a chance? Would you step up and buy one if you liked it? Will you stop buying your Toyotas with their cheap wheels, boring styling and 6.6 million recalls due to recent deaths? I have seen what the Fiat Group can do for companies. Will it be easy? No. Will the interiors and build quality improve? You bet it will, but things take time. And, America needs to give the big three another chance as long as they offer products that appeal to us. We need to stop assuming Japanese cars are better than ours. Have you driven a Ford Fusion? It blows away the Camry. If you insist on hating everything Chrysler does, please wait until they're finished trying.

  7. AJM has a good point, but Chrysler has been trying (at our expense) for TWENTY years. I make a point of driving a different rental car each week. Yes, Ford's Fusion and Chevy's new Malibu are great cars, but I haven't seen any evidence of such revival from Chrysler yet. Of course, I only ever rented a PT Cruiser once. From my experience, those death traps seem much more deadly than any of the Toyotas I've driven.

  8. How can the new 300 be "on its way to distinction" or "top shelf" when it still employs the same general exterior look of the current body style? The entry luxury segment has got some stiff competition with vehicles like the new Buick LaCrosse. To me this is not a "new" 300, its a current car with a new interior but mediocore exterior restyling. Let hope those interior pieces are made of better materials than current Chysler cars or the "New 300" won't have a chance in its market.

  9. I wish Chrysler would have left the body style of the 300 alone! 2010 and prior body styles are the classiest out there. The 2011 body style looks like all the others now :( I want the fat bossy front grille back!

  10. I have no faith in Chrysler to make a good car. They were teamed with Mercedes and couldnt pull it off. They seem to find a way to screw up a good thing. If its not yards of gray plastic, its an underwhelming engine (Prowler anyone?) or they allow the design to languish until they have lost any semblance of momentum and any prospective buyer quickly dismisses the ancient design (PT Cruiser).
    What really offends me about Chyrsler is the lack of even a refresher. Just update the grill or the lights! Show me that you give a rat's backside!

  11. It wasnt Chryslers Fault. it was Diamlers Fault. they didnt give Chrysler the budget to make the 300 what it was supose to be because them bitches were scare that it would take the sales aways from its E-Class Benz...Chrysler was set to make the ME14 or whatever car but Diamler said no and later they released the SLR. Benz new that the Chrysler ME? would kill that SLR for half the price of the SLR. same goes for the next Viper. they already said the new SL supercar was originaly supose to be the next viper. Its on the Next Vipers Chassie.

  12. I've been a Chrysler buyer since 1956 and I'm ready for a new car. It won't be the 300 I've wanted for the last four years. Not because of the issues the whimpering, whining non-buyers bring up, my Concorde is every bit as well-built as an MB that costs twice the amount, but because of the insensitive, loathsome way Chrysler dropped dealerships,later giving them to competing car brands. No, the Chrysler is a fine auto, the corporate leadership is crap. So I'll buy a foreign car; probably MB.

  13. I second that mesaman! I've purchased four new Chrysler products since 1997 and won't buy another because of the way they shafted many of their smaller dealers. My loyalty to Chrysler has expired!

  14. I've owned two 300C's and I have 108K miles on my 05. The only problem I ever had with it was a leaking radiator. Other then that the car just keeps going and going with no mechanical problems. Still rides like a new car, and I would definately buy another Chrysler in a heartbeat. I am just waiting for the 11 model to show up!

  15. cannot wait to see the next 300c 2011 model.however snapshots all look different.will they also bring out the Imperial looks like a rolls but this lady has the retro look as well .chrysler make everyones day and make this model to I would sell my house for the chance of ownership of that model

  16. just hope they dont rush the new 300c and spoil the quality of the car .

  17. we are owners of a pt limted sedan and a cabrio love them to bits however if chrysler made the 300c in the cabrio form there would be no I said before the imperial would win hands down

  18. today we saw a better look at the 300c format when will the car hit the uk market

  19. we keep reading news that the imperial will go into production .just hurry up please


  21. PLEASE Chrysler,take your time and get these cars to the dealers in a condition that they will be no more recalls.I will always buy Chrysler/Fiat products.Just be sure all systems are reliable and safe.

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