Chrysler Sebring To Undergo Major Upgrade, Receive New Name

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2010 Chrysler Sebring sedan

2010 Chrysler Sebring sedan

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Few who've driven the Chrysler Sebring have much in the way of kind words to say about it. A coarse engine, an interior that wouldn't pass muster at Fisher-Price and dated exterior design combine to make a car that's destined for a myriad of "worst of" lists. And Chrysler realizes that, according to a new report.

The solution? Kill the Sebring name. That doesn't necessarily mean the car itself will be canceled, however. Instead, the Sebring will undergo an extensive makeover to keep it fresh until a replacement arrives around 2013.

Due in the fourth quarter of the year, the revised car will likely be rebadged to wear the 200 name, and restyled along the lines of the 200C EV Concept from last year's Detroit Auto Show, with a much-improved interior.

"We've rolled up our sleeves and have torn apart that architecture," Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne told the Detroit Free Press. "You'll see a completely different animal. We're having a discussion about what name this animal should have. The jury is still out."

Some of the other options include installing a fuel efficient range of Multiair engines as well as adding a dual clutch transmission.

Importantly, the Dodge Avenger is also due for a similar update.

Beyond that, a replacement for the car based on the Fiat Group’s new Compact-Wide platform is expected to arrive around 2013.

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Comments (18)
  1. Duster with Italian styling and a MultiAir engine complete with duel clutch 6 speed trans. Come on do it!

  2. I love my Chrysler Sebring, great car!

  3. I agree - Sebring is tainted beyond all repair.
    IMO, name the replacement car Newport.

  4. How about make the 200C a reality and use the 200C name?

  5. The 200c concept was fantastic...make it a reality! BE SMART CHRYSLER or you're toast!

  6. Upgrade the Sebring and call it a DeSoto.

  7. Hi,
    I hope it's called the LeBaron. That would instantly double my (already epic) hatred for it.

  8. FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm an old fart.
    We love our 2004 Sebring Limited convertible. It's got 75,000 miles and looks and drives like new. And we've got a 1996 Cherokee that I can say the same thing about.
    I like the looks and comfort of the Sebring (ours is black with a tan vinyl top). Plus its power is no problem, since we have the 2.7L 200h engine.

  9. Hi,
    I have been consciously trying to adjust my driving and the car has a running screen on the navigation panel (if you get that option) that shows you how you're doing in real time. It's very helpful to use the cruise control, to avoid the air conditioner if possible, to start off slowly, and to avoid the gas and brake as much as possible.

  10. What a shame when a manufacturer ruins a good name. I would hope the city of Sebring sued Chrysler for tainting the name of their fine city.

  11. I have a Sebring Conv touring I get over 30mpg on the Hwy I also have a mercedes yes the benz is a stonger car but oil cange is $120 the Sebring is $19. You get what you pay for and for the buck the Chysler is a better value.Call it what you want its a deal at the price and great every day transport

  12. I have a 2003 Sebring GTC convertible. It is an awesome car! Great styling, rides nice (for a convertible), great gas mileage. We love the car! I'm guessing that most people who have complained about the car have never owned one. Like someone else said....You get what you pay for. If you "really" wanted a $50K Lexus but could only afford a Sebring . . . then shut up!

  13. @Jeannot & JimmyW--
    The 1st generation (JX) & 2nd generation (JR) Sebrings were really decent cars. Both your cars are 2nd Gen cars - I wouldn't mind owning either of those myself.
    It's the 3rd Generation (JS) Sebring introduced in 2007 that is the focus of this article and so many vitriolic comments due to its poor design & engineering, cut-rate materials and slapdash build quality.
    If one had to pinpoint a single car that caused the downfall of Chrysler, one could reasonably argue that it was the craptastic 3rd Gen Chrysler Sebring.

  14. Chrysler has to realize, just like Toyota, that letting quality slide leads to death. Whatever happens, quality should be maintained.

  15. "Chrysler has to realize, just like Toyota, that letting quality slide leads to death. Whatever happens, quality should be maintained."
    Chrysler has never been known for quality products...
    ...but interestingly enough - it wasn't Chrysler management in Detroit who signed off on these horrible cars but Daimler management in Germany.

  16. You either like Chrysler or you don't. My 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring is 5 years old today, and it has only been back to the dealer to have the emblem re-glued on the deck lid. I've not had to do anything mechanically to the car whatsoever; not even change a light bulb. I've changed the fluids regularly, and it runs like it did the day I bought it. I guess now I'll be told that's because of German engineering. My next car will probably be a Dodge or Chrysler. It cetainly won't be a Toyota.

  17. Here's a stupid question; if you can't design, engineer, or build a car that's competitive, or at least competant, why do you pretend to try?

  18. The fact that Chrysler produced 7 different V6 engines is an indicator of what got them into trouble.

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