Detroit's Best In Show: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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The roar of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show is dying down, and we're left to sort through the embers of an event that burned a good bit hotter than most had expected. After some quiet contemplation, we've picked the best luxury/performance car of the show: the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

With a hair-raising 556 horsepower and a gut-wrenching 551 pound-feet of torque plus stunning good looks and a usable--if difficult to enter and exit--rear seat, it's a natural pick for any gearhead.

Some might point to the latest Audi e-tron concept as even more stunning and cutting-edge, and they'd be right--except it's still a highly conceptual design that's not due for production until 2012. Many things can change in two years. The CTS-V Coupe is here now, built of awesomeness and fire, not of hopes and dreams.

From its finely crafted leather interior to its chunky and oh-so-enticing rear end, the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V delivers the image its powertrain deserves, and does it at affordable-by-mere-mortals prices. That's why it's Motor Authority's Best Luxury/Performance Car of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

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  1. The designer for Cadillac should be given a medal. Yesterday I saw the 2011 CTS-V and I thought, man, they just get better and better. I noticed a slight resemblance in the look and feel of the new Mercedes E-class. Some of Caddy's Art & Science design theme, in my opinion, has been adopted by Mercedes? Compare the look of the new E-class front end with that of Cadillac's. Kind of a similar look with the lines / angles of the bumper / grille / shape of lights? Cadillac should be proud since they came up with this "angle" years ago. I am a bit surprised that BMW has chosen to take the conservative road with the look of the new 2011 5 & 7 series. It is not that I do not like their look but I think Caddy has certainly been more brave and bold where looks are concerned. Of course BMW handling is legendary but if I was BMW I would not take brands like Cadillac lightly especially with the way the 2011 CTS-V looks! The fact that it (CTS-V) goes like stink only weakens any argument one may have had to lean towards BMW. Give that man / woman a prize - whoever came up with that look and performance feel of the new Caddy. I just wish they would continue with that same architecture for the new XTS. The XTS look is on the money but other than that it (so far) shares little with the CTS.

  2. IMHO, in its 108 year history, Cadillac has never put out a better looking automobile. And I'm a Ford guy.

  3. The CTS-V coupe looks like a breakthrough for GM, which may find a deserved leading place among its competitors in performance...But at $2.76 the gallon of fuel today (going strong), the CTS-V coupe ( a gas guzzler by definition) might not brake sales records for GM or what is worse, it could be a recipe for disaster...I congratulate GM for the hard work and bold moves lately, but if they really want to succeed (survive), they will have to look harder into hybrid, electric, and diesel powertrains for all their vehicles (not only the Converj), something similar to what Audi and Porsche are doing. I would also save all the money invested to make GM cars "flex-fuel" ready for it doesn't make a difference in US (E-85 is almost as expensive as regular gas). Finally, I would really like to see the Caddy setting standards of luxury and performance like it did a few decades back...but considering the crises and everything, I am not totally convinced that the CTS-V coupe project is a great idea...

  4. Burke- I don't think the CTS-V (or any V car) is intended as a volume seller. The standard CTS Coupe will sell more units, and it has the relatively efficient (27mpg hwy) DI 3.6-liter engine. The V Coupe is a halo car, of sorts, along the lines of Mercedes-Benz's CL63 AMG, which is less powerful and about as efficient.

  5. Valid arguments no doubt. Every company technically needs both - a volume seller for the masses and the halo car which bring attention and interest to the rest of the lineup and satisfies those that want that higher end performance. I hope GM may adopts more diesels. I am still not sold on the electric / hybrid technology. I would love if someone could come up with transportation that has little to zero impact on the environment and costs next to nothing to run / maintain. The diesel could be the best alternative for now. The electric / hybrids cost as much if not more as a regular car and take as much if not more energy to produce as a regular gas car? In the end it appears that what one thinks they are saving by driving a hybrid really does not amount to as much or anything at all. On top of that we may find we are worse off 20 / 50 / 100 years later. How much of our resources are we sucking up to produce these high end batteries? It would help if these batteries were good for 20 or 50 years but they are not (yet). What does it cost to replace these batteries and where will the old ones go? We do need to move ahead with our technology, I am not sure if hybrid / electric is the answer? Maybe we should look into diesels and hydrogen (like BMW) a bit more (for now). There are cars out there that can get between 40 and 50 mpg on gas even today.

  6. Nelson Ireson, thank you for your time and prompt response! I had an answer to your post ready but it came out longer than 1500 characters. I have it saved and I could mail it to you to another-less restrictive-place if you like. Let me know, have a good one!

  7. I still don't get the looks of this car. Huge door slabs and rear fenders dwarf the wheel/tire combo. The rear pillar reminds me of 71-73 fastback Mustang. The front grille still looks like the last gen cts-v. And whats with GM not wanting its passengers to be able to see out the slits for windows? They chop top everything now (trying to make a safer and more versitile platform I guess)

  8. Also in some of the photos the car has wider wheels with dishes. I think the car sits lower as well. Common tricks everybody does to make a car look better.

  9. Great coverage of the show guy's!!! Very pleasing to read your best car of the show is the V spec Caddy. People seem to be missing the point that this car is not only a halo car for Cadillac but for the whole of GM!!!

  10. It is clearly unique considering how most BMW, Audi, MB, Lexus and Honda coupes and sedans are all starting to look very similar. The CTS-V coupe might not fit your eye but I will bet GM or "Government Motors" as you like to call them, will sell quite a few of them.

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