2011 Ford Mustang GT Preview

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The Mustang is not just an iconic pony car or a retro-modern throw-back to simpler times. It's a fan-favorite performance vehicle that has a rabid and enthusiastic base of drivers, tuners and manufacturers behind it. So news of the return of the '5.0' badge to the front fender of the 2011 Ford Mustang is likely to be met with a roar of approval to most muscle car fans, old and new.

Earlier this month at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford unveiled its 2011 Mustang, but only the base V-6 model, which itself has been upgraded with a new 3.7-liter mill churning out 305 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

At next month’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show, however, the Blue Oval will pull the wraps off the new V-8 powered GT, which will pack a 5.0-liter V-8 with 412 horsepower and 390 pounds-feet of torque on tap--just 14 horsepower shy of the output of the Chevrolet Camaro SS. Furthermore, fuel economy is claimed to be as high as 25 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city for the 6-speed automatic, while the 6-speed manual should return 24 mpg on the highway and 16 mpg in the city.

Key elements of the new 5.0-liter mill is Ford’s Ti-VCT cam-torque-actuated variable camshaft timing system and all-aluminum four-valve-per-cylinder engine design, plus specially designed tubular exhaust headers.

Other changes for the 2011 Ford Mustang GT include specially tuned electric power steering, 11.5-inch front and 11.8-inch rear vented disc brakes, and an enhanced suspension featuring an improved rear lower control arm and stiffened rear stabilizer bushings

For the more hardcore enthusiast, a Brembo brake package with larger rotors and calipers from the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang, unique 19-inch wheels and summer performance tires will also be offered.

In the handling department, Ford engineers have added an enhanced rear lower control arm to add stiffness and improve powertrain harshness control while also sharpening the handling. A stiffened rear stabilizer bar for better on-center steering is also included.


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Comments (32)
  1. Even though it has less power that its SS and SRT-8 competitors, considering the current GT was tested by the mags to be faster with "only" 315hp, this should run circles around the competition! I'm actually a Mopar guy, but of the latest crop of nouveau-muscle cars, the Mustang would be my choice. Unfortunately, the Challenger just doesn't do it for me, and though the Camaro looks great, both it and the Challenger are bloated compared to the 'Stang. Who knows, it might just make my Plum Crazy blood turn blue.

  2. How soon will this be in Gus's drive way?

  3. Too Mike: The reason why the "Stang" is performing better than both Mopar and Chev, is because it has stayed IN production while the others were stopped. Im a GM fan, and I agree the Ford is definetly refined, but the others will catch up, its only the first Gen. Although I've read once Chrysler begins revamping itself with Fiat, the production of the Challenger will once again be stopped.

  4. The 5.0 is the best sounding V8 EVARRRR!!!!! I can't wait to see what SVT does with that motor. Glad to see Ford is sticking it to those turds. Hell the Mustang was already holding its own since it can actually handle....this is going to be awesome!

  5. Actually Tyler Fiat has said the Challenger is staying on for awhile to get more use out of the platform.

  6. I'm hoping for Boss version. I will buy it.

  7. "The new engine will come with four valves per cylinder" AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    I hope it sounds like the 4 valve 03/04 Cobras.
    I am sorry to say that I will be helping my 06 Mustang GT find a new home very soon if this pans out.

  8. performance vehicle? this car can't go around a turn. american production cars suck.

  9. Show me 50mpg highway mileage. Then ford will have something actually interesting and not just another boring rehash of the past 40 years.

  10. Peter: so basically, you would only be happy if the Mustang were made into a Prius. But the Prius and others like it already exist, so what you must really be saying is not so much that you don't want another boring rehash (funny you could use a word like that to describe a 400+ HP vehicle), but that you just don't want something like the Mustang to exist at all.
    If, on the other hand, that is not the case - you want a Mustang which is still a Mustang, but which gets 50 MPG, then I have some news for you - there's this stubborn little thing called 'physics' that you will have to overcome before you can get what you want. Once you show Ford how to do that, then your utopian wish can actually begin to resemble a rational thought.
    Either way, until you figure out what it really is that you want, why don't you just take your preaching elsewhere? You might like to visit some site like www.catholic.com. They love preaching at people too, so you could have a wonderful time over there. If you get too bored with that, maybe you could go door to door...sort of like a Jehovah's Witnesses for Automotive Enthusiasts cult. And all Gore's people said...Amen.

  11. Nice power but they're still ugly. No thanks. I do enjoy Ford stepping up to the plate and upping the ante because us as consumers will only benefit from it. I will say I would take any of the 3 over one of those freaking tuned ricer cars. :)

  12. Very excited for the return of the 5.0 motor and badge. The Mustang will definitely be doing donuts around the Challenger and Camaro now - it was doing it with the old mill, so I can't wait to see the newest comparison tests once the 5.0 is in production.
    AND @Valentine's Day - SVT uses the 5.4L mill... so I doubt that they would use the 5.0. BUT I guess you never know... I wonder if they will EcoBoost the 5.0... now there's an idea!

  13. ALSO... I haven't heard anyone talk about this... BUT how pissed off are the 2010 Mustang GT owners right now?!

  14. hey micheal,don't know where you saw a 4.6l mustang beat a ss or srt.Its a mid 13 car and ss and srt are low 13,hello get your fact straight.The 2011 with 412 will diffenately beat them but not now.

  15. JD- Your our new hero and Peter can go pound salt. Although funny how he (Peter) fails to mention that the most advanced green automotive production facility is infact a Ford plant.

  16. @gilles,
    the magazine articles I saw tested ALL aspects of performance, not just acceleration. Of course a car with 425hp is going to accelerate better than one with 315hp, but the Mustang can actually corner compared to the Challenger and Camaro. There's more to life than the 1/4 mile.
    As far as this article is concerned, I'm glad an American manufacturer is actually producing a modern V8-- 4 valves/cylinder, variable valve timing, and I'm guessing direct injection either now or in the future. Wonder what the Corvette could do with similar upgrades, considering the LS9 produces 638hp, while having to make do with pushrods and (two?) valves per cylinder? One question: is the new engine DOHC?

  17. @ micheal
    I know what you're saying.The articles i saw had the charger srt out handling the camaro ss and the mustang gt in the slalom.The gt has solid differential,the ss and srt have independent suspension .If you're comparing price the mustang gt is a better performer than the r/t challenger and charger but you said srt,different animal lol,thrust me i have one,,,,

  18. Pretty sweet ride

  19. Im not for shure but I think Ford is gonna phase out the 5.4L mill as they will introduce the road runner engine which is basically the cayote engine with a twin turbo system... maybe we will see that in the next SVT or GT500....

  20. Super excited I did not get the 2010 GT. Had my wife talked into it at one point. Check out the 2011 Boss 302R http://www.at.ford.com/news/multimedia/Pages/default.aspx?t=g&id=86
    Hope you all can see it.

  21. Peter, you can lick the sweat off my balls you pole smoking flamer in your sissy ass green prius, you panzy ass!

  22. That thing is all muscle, it's about time Ford brought back the 5.0L. Except this time it's 412hp, I can't wait to see what this baby can do at the track!

  23. New Stang GT with 410 gears CAI and tune will absolutely roast both the Camaro SS and Challenger. Should be about 400rwhp with just basic bolt ons. Awesome for daily driver, but no match for my 600HP 68 Mustang with a 393 stroker and weighs 3000lbs.

  24. To "Stang Killer": I am a fan of american cars too but cut the ignorant racial slurs. The original 1964 mustang's chief engineer was Larry Shinoda-a Japanese American and the current 2005 to 2009 Mustang engineer was Hua Tang..a Chinese American.

  25. I have a 2009 SRT-8 Challenger and just bought a base 2010 GT. The road feel and general handling of the GT w/o the Trac-Pack is superior to the SRT. It also weighs a LOT less. The base GT isn't as fast as I'd like but I can fix that easily or just trade up in a few months. By the way, the SRT isn't nearly a quick as you'd think a "muscle" car in it's price range should be either.

  26. @Julian: Pretty pissed? I was just thinking this the other day. I guess they'll have to trade in because the new V6s will be smoking their old GT.

  27. Mustangs suck - always have, always will. The 2011 stang might beat the current SS, but you can rest assured that won't last long. Chevy has already built an LS7 Camaro. That's a 427 under to hood, with claims of 28 mpg hwy. Rumor has it as the Z28 model, or the next SS version. The is also talk of improved suspension and shortened wheel base on the next gen Camaro.

  28. Sixties Dude - You are assuming that GM will continue to pour money into their muscle car of choice, that is if they can survive the next year without being owned by a foreign entity. If Camaros are such great cars why did GM scrap them several years ago - hmmm? Gotta love that fit and (un)finish of the GM cars. By the way, have you really looked at the cheap ass interior of the GM muscle cars? And you say mustangs suck?! Please!

  29. I have my 2006 GT up into 375ish range with new cam, air induction, exhaust. I beat a new camaro ss in the quarter mile and in the zero to sixty. So the new 2011 is getting 412 under the hood this is going to shake up the muscle car platform for chevy and dodge.

  30. What they appear to have here is a good old-fashioned crosstown Detroit smackdown set amid the post-apocalyptic ruins that was once the domestic auto industry. Which, let's face it, beats the hell out of no crosstown smackdown set amid the post-apocalyptic ruins that was once the domestic auto industry.

  31. THE all American Classic, it doesn’t get better than that. I ordered mine March 10th, built April 17th and it's been waiting shipment ever since... I’ve been waiting 40 years for my dream car. The wait is unbearable. I'm not going crazy... no I'm not going crazy... I'm fine.

  32. More..

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