Direct-Injection & Twin-Turbos Coming To Mercedes-Benz Next Year

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V-8 Kompressor

V-8 Kompressor

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The push by governments around the world for stricter emissions regulations for new cars has all automakers, from mainstream makes like Toyota and GM all the way up to exclusive brands like Mercedes-Benz and even Ferrari working on new methods to clean up their act.

One trend we’ve already started to see is the downsizing of engines. Both Ford and GM, for example, are starting to place less emphasis on their big V-8 engines in favor of more economical V-6 units, and this trend is being repeated at BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is developing new technologies to boost the output of its compact four-cylinder engine range--the Diesotto being one of the most exciting prospects. However, before then we’ll start to see simpler technologies like turbocharging and direct-injection filter across the entire Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Speaking with Edmunds, Mercedes-Benz R&D exec Dr. Thomas Weber revealed that a new family of engines will emerge from Mercedes-Benz starting late next year that will rely heavily on turbocharging and direct injection to deliver gains in power, efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Labeled “MoVe” for modular V-6 and V-8s, the engines will first appear in new versions of the CLS, facelifted R-Class and S-Class Coupe (renamed CL Coupe).

Weber revealed that all V-8 engines will be turbocharged by the 2011 model year. This includes the current 6.2-liter AMG unit, which will be replaced by a 5.5-liter twin-turbo version with direct injection. Non-AMG models will get smaller V-8 engines as well as turbocharged V-6 units. Importantly, most will be designed to integrate with hybrid drive systems.



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Comments (5)
  1. Huge HP numbers are impressive, but when you're talking about AMG levels, I'd sacrifice 100-125hp at the drop of a hat if it meant mid-20s city/mixed MPG.

  2. This was reported earlier that Mercedes-Benz will downsize the displacement and add innovations such as Direct Injection and turbochargers. That;s OK with me, for the cylinder-count is remaining and the power is likely to increase, and significantly, therefore, that's all OK with me!
    BMW is doing wonders with their D.I. and twin-turbo applications with some nice numbers being output! BMW also recently announced that the V8s are here to stay in models, albeit turbo-boosted and D.I., again, that all good!

  3. So will they go back to ___ 55 AMG nomenclature, then? I'm glad they're not totally giving up on displacement; 5.5 litres is still pretty big for a forced induction engine. Who knows, we might actually see an AMG car with fuel mileage in the double digits, lol!

  4. The new engine class, dubbed MoVe for modular V6 and V8s, will power a raft of new products that will begin to arrive late next year. Among them are a fully redesigned CLS sedan, a face-lifted R-Class people mover and a renamed and refreshed S-Class coupe, formerly known as the CL coupe.

  5. Hi,
    I love the idea, should help the fuel economy numbers, which turbos and DI do, and I also welcome the rumors of diesel performance cars from AMG

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