Audi: We Are Not A Green Company

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2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet

2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet

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Audi took the risky step of replacing the V-8 engine in its sporty S5 range with a new supercharged V-6 earlier this year. Sure the six-cylinder mill is lighter and more fuel-efficient but what about the prestige of a V-8, not to mention the smoothness and aural delight? Audi believes its customers, current and future, will favor a smaller engine and will see this trend of downsizing carry over for its next-generation models.

However, don’t for a second think Audi is looking to be labeled as an enviro-focused company. Speaking with Autocar, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler explained that while his company will focus on making its vehicles as efficient as possible, it won’t make this the primary design goal as BMW has done with its new EfficientDynamics branding.

"We will stick to our Vorsprung Durch Technik philosophy, not have a catch-all marketing claim such as EfficientDynamics," said Stadler. "We're convinced in Vorsprung Durch Technik, we're a dynamic, sporty brand but not necessarily positioned as a green brand. That will come about as a matter of course.”

This can be seen directly with the introduction of the new supercharged V-6 engine in the S5. The new mill is almost 20% more fuel-efficient than the previous V-8 yet it offers similar performance numbers and more tractable grunt.


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  1. Thank you Audi. Not all of us are caught up in the "green" fad. Stick to your roots.

  2. Audi are one of the few companies making sensible decisions. And nice cars too.
    "green" and "eco-" has become such a meaningless marketing tool.
    Audi's small TDI engines are by far the most promising technology in the mid term for fuel economy.

  3. Good for them, being real car guys instead of sellout hippies.

  4. Yeah, even Ferrari is breaking their rules what a shame. They are making a hybrid when it is proven global warming is not true. Gas shortage doesn't really matter we usually find another fuel source.

  5. Audi will not follow BMW in trying to position itself as a green brand, according to company boss Rupert Stadlerthe Green Car of the Year award, presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, has gone to a diesel-powered car from the Volkswagen Group. This year the winner was the 2010 Audi A3 TDI. For its balance of strong fuel economy, low emissions, luxurious accommodations, and sleek styling, the turbo diesel Audi A3 TDI impressed the judges of the Green Car Journal even despite the craze over hybrid technology. This may indicate that hybrids need to do much more for drivers in terms of styling and drivability if they hope to win this coveted award next year. Finalists that the A3 overcame included the Volkswagen Golf TDI, Honda Insight, Mercury Milan Hybrid, and Toyota Prius.

  6. Hi Guy's,
    i think the idea of the site alone, that some of it’s proceeds go towards carbon offsets, encourages people to click on ads, since that appears to be their source of revenue. so i am guessing that google views this entire practice as one big incentive to click on their ads, even though the site isn’t saying “click on the ads and plant some trees”.

  7. I like the push for efficiency and the development of alternative energy sources (other than gasoline), but all this "eco-friendliness" and "greenness" is getting annoying and is only used as a marketing ploy.

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