MotorAuthority Covers the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show

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Los Angeles Auto Show logo

Los Angeles Auto Show logo

With the industry clawing its way back out of the pit of 2009, the Los Angeles Auto Show is giving the world an early look at the cars that will hit the streets in 2010--cars the automakers hope will help jump-start the market back into growth.

There won't be any shortage of new vehicles, either, with nearly 30 world or North American debuts on the docket, some of which have already been revealed.

With new vehicles on display from Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce, there's no shortage of luxury or performance at the L.A. convention center. High Gear Media is in L.A. to cover the show and bring you the inside story on the high rollers--as well as the planet-friendly vehicles over on our sister site, GreenCarReports, and new vehicles you can buy soon, over at our flagship site

All of the action kicks off today-- so keep checking back today via CoverItLive, or follow this page with a bookmark. You can also follow our editors via Twitter: @CarConnection, @TheRealMA, @GreenCarReports, @HighGearMedia

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Comments (10)
  1. so I guess we will get some of your info also on this site
    BTW, when the Detroit auto show is going to take place in 2010?

  2. The economics really don’t work for diesel vehicles anymore. Maybe 30% more efficiency but you pay about 50% more a gallon and another 10% is slapped on the MSRP. Even Acura have given up on their TSX diesel.

  3. Detroit Auto Show will very bad event if BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini , Ferrari, Bugratti Infiniti and Lexus (RWD) will never attendance to Detroit Auto Show why popular will less less to Detriot Auto Show for eco and cheap cars FWD. It will not worth show about bad for Three Detroit Brands.

  4. Is diesel really 50% more expensive in the US!!?? Here in Australia it's almost equal to unleaded, in fact it was actually cheaper than unleaded for a while earlier this year... Wow...

  5. No, diesel is NOT 50% more expensive. It's about 10 to 20 cents more than regular right now as winter approaches. The price typically goes higher than regular in winter and then back down or lower in summer.

  6. I'll be there tomorrow, hopefully it will be good, but I hear Ferrari didn't show. Sad.

  7. Boring.
    No Ferrari, no Lamborghini. Even the models seem to be on a diet...
    Fisker was the most interesting thing there.

  8. The R8 Convertible was the best thing there.

  9. Low starting temps, high speeds, pure water emissions: the Mercedes Benz B-Class F-Cell is the real deal for fuel-cell-powered automobiles! Let’s hope MB isn’t the only company to market a full production fuel cell car. If you’re interested in fuel cells or other green technologies, check out It has hundreds of case studies on emerging green technology. It's also the largest b2b green directory on the web.

  10. Hi Guy's,
    I've been to this show about 5 times. I will certainly go this year too. I'm looking forward to seeing the Audi's this year.

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