All-New Ford Police Interceptor Coming To A Crime Scene Near You In 2011

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You may or may not be familiar with the back seat of the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, but we're all pretty well aware of their presence on the streets of cities and towns all across the country. But that car's aging platform is due to be replaced in 2011 with an all-new Police Interceptor according to a Ford announcement this morning.

The new car will replace the current Crown Vic with no interruption in supply when it hits the market in late 2011. The Crown Victoria retail vehicle has been off the street for public consumption for a while now, but the car is still being supplied as a fleet and police vehicle.

Ford says the new car is being built in responce to requests from the law enforcement community, which has been by and large satisfied with the venerable Vic's performance.

“Ford is answering the call with the new Police Interceptor – engineered and built in America," says Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas.

The next-gen Police Interceptor hasn't been officially confirmed to ride on the new Ford Taurus platform, but it's the logical choice from the current Ford lineup. Ford currently sells about 45,000 of the 60,000 police vehicles purchase each year, dominating the market.

Photos and key details on the car will be forthcoming closer to its release, but the Interceptor Concept from the 2007 NAIAS show might give us a hint of the styling and approach in store, and it's pictured in the gallery above. Obviously it won't be the basis of an all-new platform, as the replacement car is unlikely even to be rear-wheel drive.


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Comments (17)
  1. Finally, a long overdue replacement. Now, let's see what it will have for a motor. 300/400/500hp?

  2. Um - The 2007 concept was called the "Ford Interceptor Concept" - Not the "Police Interceptor Concept"...
    ...and I highly doubt that Ford would do a whole new body and RWD platform just for a police car - More likely they'll do as GM and import an existing Australian RWD V8 sedan, such as the Falcon.

  3. It will take a lot to build a vehicle as rugged as the Crown Vic. These cars usually go into taxi service after they retire from police duty and soldier on for another 200,000 miles. I am sure the Police and Fire departments will influence heavily on the new design. Hopefully, it will be more than enough for Law Enforcement. Put in the Ecoboost 365hp engine and they will be on the right track.

  4. Listen to you guys talk like it's awesome that the fuzz gets new wheels! In my opinion they should be forced to drive Sentras, just like their Mexican com padres. "Give 'em the EcoBoost" hell no give em the 4.0 crusty V6 Ford is finally retiring.

  5. They're not going to import something like the Falcon, they've made it as feature that it's built and engineered in the US, no doubt to take a swing at the plan GM came up with...

  6. Let's hope for the sake of the Officers that it is not the claustrophobic pill box shown here. With hour upon hour spent in the car with various unsavory characters, physical head space, air volume, outward visiblility and interior light, are the high value must-haves. I would think, that rather than chop the top, it would be better to raise it by two to four inches. That is how to improve on the current greenhouse. Solar powered ventilation is also a must.

  7. Well thats another slap in the face for Ford Australia!
    The Falcon is used as a police car and it is by far the most popular vehicle bought by taxi companies because of its practicality, reliability and low service costs.
    Ford Oz have already done the engineering work, all they need to do is build the platform in the U.S. if they want it to be 'made in america'.

  8. Ford, which makes the Crown Victoria, is still deciding whether to halt the vehicle's production. The automaker may continue to produce it, or it may sway police forces to a Taurus police interceptor instead.

  9. "they've made it as feature that it's built and engineered in the US, no doubt to take a swing at the plan GM came up with..."
    All Ford would have to do is change the Falcon to LHD, plunk in an EcoBoost and build it in the old Panther plant: Result - Built and Engineered in the US.

  10. Why cant they settle for a 4 or 6 cylinder DIESEl since they vehicles are WORK horses and spend an average of 200 or more miles per day per shift, this would be more COST effective in the long run. My 2 cents on this!!

  11. Current Panther isn't built in the US. Its built in St. Thomas, Canada.

  12. Ford has a captive market for Police,Livery and Taxi vehicles.Very strange they would let this profitable business be lost.Suggest new vehicle:1.Use existing Panther chassis.2.Styling clues from 1961-67 Continental,64-66 Galaxie with short front overhang.3.IRS from MK.VIII/Thunderbird 4.Higher rear seats. 5.Current Ford/Lincoln interiors and electronics.6.Engine options: 3.5 and 3.7 V-6,Ecoboost 3.7 V-6,and 5.0 V-8.7.Modern tight suspension settings ie.see Mercedes and BMW as examples.
    Please do not attempt to foist Taurus on law enforcement/taxi users.New vehicle would form basis for a modern rear drive large Ford Crown Vic,Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car.
    If well engineered could provide modern version of American sedan.At present only large rear drive vehicles are built in Germany,Japan and now Korea.Understand Ford has had to concentrate on survival.Now there is breathing room, cost to develop above vehicle ought not to be such a great amount.
    I wonder if any person in authority at Ford reads these posts.
    Would be interested in a thoughtful reply.
    Barry Oland

  13. Hell lets face it boys.... it will not out RUN I REPEAT WILL NOT OUT RUN MY TOYOTA... NOTHING CAN STOP A TOYOTA.... NOTHING....

  14. Not even the driver!
    On the new interceptor, hope they get a vehicle worthy of the Crown Vic...

  15. I think this car is going to e a very good car for the Po-Po

  16. That commented actually finish the article? Or do some of you just have very short attention spans? They clearly say the Interceptor concept is not the new car. They also say that they're not developing a new platform, they'll most likely be using the new Taurus platform and they don't know whether or not the new car will have Front or Rear-wheel drive.

  17. Imagine this kind of car being used as the future taxi cab like the Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis today !

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