Chrysler Brand Being Phased Out Overseas

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Wednesday marked the big unveiling of Chrysler's five-year recovery plan and while there has been a lot speculation about the company's new strategy, we can now reveal that CEO Sergio Marchionne is planning to phase out most Chrysler brands outside North America.

The sole exception? Jeep, which will instead receive a boost to its international marketing budget, especially in emerging markets like Brazil. Chrysler vehicles will appear on distant shores, but only as part of the shared technology underpinning other brands like Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

Company bosses have revealed that Chrysler will disappear completely from European car markets in 2011, while Dodge will have a very niche role.

Some of the cars will remain, however. For example, the Chrysler 300 and Voyager will remain but be rebadged as Lancias, replacing the Lancia Thesis and Phaedra, respectively.

Lancia will also sell a version of the next-generation Sebring saloon, effectively replacing the Lybra, which went off sale in 2006. Lancia will also get a version of Chrysler’s upcoming medium-size crossover.

Additionally, Dodge models will be rebadged as Fiats, with the Journey crossover set to replace the Ulysse.

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Comments (7)
  1. So they're going to ruin the images of brands like Fiat in markets outside the US??? What a stupid idea...

  2. No they won't, Lancia only sell like 4 models now, including the Phedra that will become the next Voyager, however if you take out the Delta with is a good looking car, you remain with 3 dated, boring looking cars, and Fiat? please the brand only has small car in it's line up. This thing is only bad for Chrysler's and Dodge's ambitions to become global brands.

  3. Chrysler currently has very little market share outside the US, mostly with Dodge in Europe and Jeep other places. I think this story is a little incomplete with some inaccuracies. I don't see Lancia just slapping their badge on a Chrysler 300. They may use the same platform but should differ in more than the badge. Also the Sebring that Lancia will use will not be a Sebring but is actually a replacement for the Sebring which will be based on a Fiat platform. Since these companies have little overlap, each will provide their strength to create a cohesive whole going forward. To oversimplify it looks like Fiat is going to provide all the small to medium car platforms, Chrysler will provide the large car platforms, and Jeep will provide SUV platforms. Individual cars will be engineered for most of the brands on each of these platforms. Enjoy

  4. What can ya say? That's what happens when you drill a stump.

  5. Carl is right. If the stump was not drilled, the square would still be on the half nine.
    Ink Specialist

  6. I agree. The square may be on the half nine but the curb is still on the straight. They have to fix that before anything, or else they'll have to contend with black feet.

  7. The only positive memories the Dodge brand carries is the Ram and musclecars. If there aren’t any plans to sell either under that banner, then Dodge losses most of its fanbase. A major part of future customers are going to have to be conquest sales, and there’s no chance in hell of that working.

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