October 2009 Ford Mustang Sales Figures Released

mustang sales figures down

mustang sales figures down

Sales of Ford Mustangs for October of 2009 were 4,789 compared to 4,686 from October of 2008 showing a 2.2% increase in sales from the previous year. Year to date Mustang sales are 56,469 compared to 83,557 for 2008, which is a 32.4% drop.

Month to Month sales were lower just a bit with September 2009 sales being 4,917 compared to October 2009 sales of 4,789 which is a 2.6% decrease.

If you are curious what previous month sales were check out September 2009, August 2009July 2009, June 2009, May 2009, April 2009, March 2009, February 2009, January 2009 sales figures.

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Comments (6)
  1. How did Ford expect anything different for sale when they did such a lame job upgrading the stang, its more like a pony now with a stag pricetag.If they wanted to get sales for it they will have to reduce the price.(alot)

  2. Month to Month sales edged upward just a bit with September 2009 sales being 4,917 compared to October 2009 sales of 4,789 which is a 2.6% increase.
    Wouldn't that be a decrease from month to month?

  3. You are correct, sales decreased. This is the result of writing this so late at night. I guess I was sleep writing.

  4. So is the issue the price/economy or are the 2011 rumors holding back that many would be purchasers? The 2011 rumors are getting so huge that it could be pretty hard for even V6 customers to wait. Are more rebates needed?

  5. Not sure it's price for the V-6 buyers because the cost is right around where it has always been just under $20K and with discounts and rebates prices are lower. With Mustang GT buyers I would say price is an issue because you have to spend $27,500 to get a base model GT. And of course the uncertainty in the economy can always play a role in consumers purchases. It's going to take a while for sales to improve and even coming out with a 5.0-liter motor next year might not even kick sales up to much. We will have to wait and see.

  6. 2010 Mustang Sales down 32%? Go Figure! 3 of 3
    Here’s what I would do….and I bet ya’ you’ll sell 20,000+ annually…plus renew interest in the rest of the lineup….
    1) The 2010 is a great looking Mustang leave the body style alone for ‘11
    2) Put under the Hood a street-legal version of the current Boss 302 crate-motor currently offered by Ford racing performance parts.
    3) Add in the go-fast suspension upgrades.
    4) Identify it with the fender (but not the hood…overkill) graphics that looks incredible on the Shinoda Ford Boss 302 you have on the Blog.
    5) Make owner-preference options such as a different spoiler, or window slats …just what they are…OPTIONS. Not everyone likes them
    6) Offer an automatic…yup Boss or no Boss…offer the automatic as an option!
    7) Don’t price it out of reach…or in the Shelby league. That’s for Shelby.
    9) Put them everywhere as fast as you can.
    10) Market the Hell out of them! They’re Camaro killers (or M Series killers, if you prefer).
    Please think about what I’m saying! I’m a Mustang lover! As I write this I’m glancing at Ford’s ad for the latest version of the Taurus in Motor Trend…a full two-page span. For a 4-door Taurus! A 365 HP 6 cyl Taurus. Yup, 365! A full 50 better than the top Mustang offering. Ugh! Mustang Marketers…where are you? Did I mention your Brand is down 32%? Come on…get with it!
    Chris from Toronto

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