Garmin EcoRoute ESP Puts Virtual Gauges On Your Nuvi

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Garmin EcoRoute ESP via CNet

Garmin EcoRoute ESP via CNet

Convergence. It was once a hot-button word in electronics. It has since fallen out of vogue, but the concept is still valid: the consolidation of multiple technologies into a single device as well as the adaptation of analog tech into digital form, lightening the gadget load while duplicating or expanding functionality. The Garmin EcoRoute ESP for the Nuvi navigation unit is a perfect example.

The basic premise behind the EcoRoute ESP is that it taps into any modern car's OBD II port to grab important information and then pipe it to the Nuvi navigation unit in an easy-to-read gauge display format.

As the EcoRoute name indicates, the information can be used to help maximize fuel efficiency, but it can also be handily adopted by enthusiasts to display information such as turbocharger boost pressure, throttle input, intake air temperature and more.

It works by tucking the ESP unit up under the dashboard and connection to the Nuvi unit via Bluetooth to relay the data. It's capable of logging data on any measurable OBD II parameter, making its potential uses almost limitless.

The system is on demo now at SEMA, and will have more information and details released at the 2010 CES show in January. Hit the link to CNet below for the full details.

[CNet via Kicking Tires]

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  1. Nothing new here. The Drew Tech DashDAQ has been on the market for a couple of years now. Garmin may be in the car but they are not car guys and they are way behind the curve when it comes to getting information out of vehicles. If you are serious about getting data out of a car you need to look at the DashDAQ. It has won over 20 SEMA new product awards and is built by car guys for car guys.

  2. I think you're missing the point here Michael. The garmin thing leverages a unit they already have. All you have to do is buy the ecoroute esp and stick it in the OBDII port, nothing extra on the dash, no wires to run. In other words: cheaper and simpler. And if you're really serious, why not just get a MoTeC ECU, display and logger?

  3. I dont know what the Nuvi is or did before the ading of virtual gauges, hopefully its a GPS/Nav system? if this is touchscreen like the Greddy touchscreen Gauge system than thats a great combo of items and especially the wireless idea, very cool to have extra gauges and gps in the same unit.

  4. DiabloSport also has something similar to this, but it is much more advanced than anything comparable. Offers fully customizable gauges and also has the capability to "reprogram" your vehicle for more horsepower, better fuel economy, or increased towing power. Check engine light diagnostics, full data logging, and even has a built in virtual drag strip.

  5. I foresee many GPS vs. Android comments here, but I think it's not necessarily a fight to the death. There is obviously a market for both, and it's a matter of each providing flexible featuresets that offer additional added value that benefits the intended user. Could phone-based GPS eventually supplant dedicated units? Possibly. But, I see the dedicated GPS companies crossing over before any final "death blow" is dealt. #ecoroutesesp

  6. Oh, I wish my car wasn't a 20 year old Volvo. This would come in extremely handy. Thanks for showing me what the Garmin can really do.

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