New Chrysler Logo To Go Live At 2010 Detroit Auto Show

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Low-resolution, grainy and barely recognizable--sounds like a spy photo of a top-secret supercar in testing. But yesterday it was the best way to describe a new Chrysler logo, dug out of the depths of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Today, at the tail end of the marathon Chrysler five-year plan press conference, President and CEO of Chrysler Brand and Lancia Brand Olivier Francois revealed that the new logo would make its official debut at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

The logo, which seems oddly compressed in the vertical axis, is a sort of retro-modern combination of the winged Chrysler logos of the 1990s with a modern typeface and the Chrysler name. It may be yet another visible aspect of the Fiat restructuring and rebranding of Chrysler, though the symbol also bears at least a passing resemblance to Aston Martin's famous winged icon.

Chrysler is no stranger to the whole musical logos game, however, of late a procedure that's tended to coincide with purchase or sale by a parent company, i.e. Daimler. The last such change saw the withdrawal and then reinstatement of the Pentastar logo, which once again appears to have gone the way of the dodo, or the Pontiac, as it were.

An interesting note: the date on the file is from July 2, 2009. That means this new logo has been in the works behind the scenes since the earliest stages of the official merger of the two companies, which was finalized in early June.


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Comments (9)
  1. Aston Martin wants their logo back.

  2. Haha, I like the joke. Cool logo, but they need to make a cooler car.

  3. Why stop at borrowing someone else's logo? How about a tagline too? Perhaps: "Chrysler Gives You Wings." I'm sure Red Bull would be flattered...

  4. That is so pretentious of Chrysler.. just keep the five star logo and build better cars.

  5. At the accusations of "logo theft", it's not like a winged crest is anything original. Chrysler has been using wings for many decades, as has A-M, Lagonda, Bristol, Austin-Healey and Bentley to name a few. I don't see anyone accusing Aston of copying Bentley's logo, etc. How many variations of spread wings can there be in the space constraints of a car's grille, wheels, etc? Saying Chrysler copied A-M's logo is like saying a basketball copied a soccer ball because they're both round.

  6. It's blatantly obvious Chrysler copied the same look of Aston Martin's winged emblem and name position ( with a few minor altercation )
    And that is logo theft for you.
    The others you mentioned have a totally different take.. in all honesty.

  7. Shuffling chairs on the deck...

  8. Be nice to see alfa/fiat there specially the one that they are going to bring to the states. I am looking forward to see them. They might actually be my wife's next car like the fiat 500 if their bring it here

  9. I might be wrong but I think the updated version of the Voyager
    MPV is going to be the first Chrysler in the UK to carry this logo.

    Personally, I think it would be good if they had both this and the Pentastar, just as a nod to the history of the company. Put the Pentastar someone inside the vehicle, where only the driver could see it and stick with the updated logo for the exterior.

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