What Your Car Says About You

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2009 Bentley Continental GT

2009 Bentley Continental GT

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There’s no denying the fact that your car says a lot about who you are, but according to the statistics your car could be saying something very different to what you thought it was. New data released by San Diego-based market research firm Strategic Vision for its latest New Vehicle Experience Study has shown some very surprising results.

The study has found that 13% of Chevy owners don’t use the Internet, while this figure is only 3% for Honda. Not surprising considering that 70% of Honda owners hold a college degree or higher, compared with only 35% of Chevy owners and 45% of Ford owners.

When it comes to the luxury end of town, it’s obvious brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce fall into the super wealthy category. Bentley owners, for example, typically have at least $5 million in investable assets.

Education, tech skills and wealth are just a few of the varying attributes that your car says about you--and it’s not just the car brand that’s doing all the talking. According to the study, your wheels also give clues to your age, gender, income level and marital status--even your political leanings.


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  1. Glad I own an Acura/Honda.

  2. what about toyota, bmw, benz?

  3. statics are after all..just statistics. They give little realistic application to your everyday people. The reason why economic analysis is an inexact science is the same reason why these statistics are amusing at best, people make decisions with predictable pattern only to a certain point.
    Buying whatever car isn't always how it matches your budget/status/education... but how you would like to be perceived. That will adversely affect how you look at these statistics.

  4. I always like this stuff as there are some fun ones.
    Also car companies get back some suprising results and they often find they are spending advertising dollars in the wrong place.
    Some examples: 50% of the men who drive/buy Saabs are homosexuals.
    My favorite though is the BMW 3 series. The purchaser is typically a white male in their fifties but the driver is a female in her twenties... Begging the question: Do you promote to the driver who then in turn asks her "father" to buy one for her or do you advertise to her "father" who then says to himself Hmmm that would be a nice car to get for Sally Sue!!!!
    Like I said fun stuff but if you get it wrong your asking your federal government for some bail out money...

  5. One ting I learned when I took sociology in college, is that statisticsare stupid and can be made to show whatever you want depending on how you phrase a question, so never trust them completely. (Yes I am a Dodge, been to college and use the internet).

  6. Yupe, NoNameDenton, for someone who've worked for AC Nielsen before, statistics are created by people who understands it, for people who don't. So that it sways their mindset with the results. Of which the questions should always be the method of skewing results to one thing or other we wanted.
    Statistics suck because of marketing.

  7. i've always wondered about this and have actually tried this experiment in my psych classes.. as a psych major, i have to say that this study is valid only to a certain extent. some people just get stuck with cars that they didn't choose, then what? that car doesn't tell anything about the owner..
    my rx8 says that i'm ok with being different, like attention, tend to self handicap (underpowered and i know it) etc etc..

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