Mitsuoka Reveals Retro-Styled Viewt

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There’s no end to the list of the wacky cars that are sold over in Japan. Mitsuoka, arguably one of the most interesting car companies in Japan, has released another Japanese homage to a classic British automobile, this time their unique take on a compact sedan whose styling has been influenced by what we can only guess was the Jaguar Mk2

The car is called the Viewt and while it looks luxurious, its underpinnings are based around a humble Nissan Micra. There are three different versions available, with engines ranging from 1.2- to 1.5-liters in displacement and outputs ranging from 90- to 109-horsepower.

Not much else is known about the car except that this is actually the third generation of the Viewt and it is set to make its world debut at the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

If the Viewt is a little too small for your needs, then Mitsuoka will also be happy to sell you a Rolls Royce-esque limousine that we reported on earlier here--or if the Viewt is too large then you can check out the company’s tiny 400-pound city car that looks like a 1930's racing car.

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Comments (8)
  1. I think it's adorable! Make mine w/ a sunroof and lots of burl wanut trim!

  2. Plagiarism is truly the highest form of flattery, but rear visibility looks pretty dire.

  3. Can the Chinese design something original - for once?
    All I ever hear about them is copying this or that (from Louis Vuitton bags to Nike shoes to Rolex watches to the RR Phantom etc).
    I'm beginning to think that Chinese people, although highly intelligent in business and with numbers, are also highly incapable of designing anything new and original that everyone or at least several people can like.
    Never mind how beautiful the Jaguar Mk2 is, it's a British design and bringing it back by a Chinese brand brings absolutely nothing new to the table. 1.3 billion people in China and this is the best they can come up with? Come on China... you can do better than this!

  4. Funny how the person who makes a completely misguided rant just so happens to name themselves Michael Schumacher. Me thinks the above comment is more of an attack on Schumacher's intellect than a genuine rant on copy-paste car design (I know there are stupid people, but nobody forgets to read the first line in an article that strictly states this company is Japanese. Can't I still have some hope in mankind?)

  5. Jenny, what MS said is still valid, the chinese copy everything.... go bite a wall or something..

  6. "Can the Chinese design something original - for once?"
    Um - Dude, try reading the article...
    ...Mitsuoka is a Japanese company that does customizations/conversions to Japanese cars.

  7. I LOVE Mitsuoka! The perfect example of Japanese eccentricity. I don't think anyone with a brain would confuse it with a real MkII, that's what makes it so comical. "Schuey's" comment about the Chinese may present a valid point-about the CHINESE, but it's quite funny that he didn't even bother to see that Mitsuoka is JAPANESE, lol (though that could've applied to Japanese car design 40 years ago)! I love how they barely made an effort to cover up the Nissan logo on the steering wheel.

  8. They had the once based on Mustang and Infinity M45. only the front and back is done but the rest is exactly the same and even from the inside. I remeber the model based on the M45 is about 290,000

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