Kim Kardashian Returns To The Gas Station In A Bentley GTC

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Kim Kardashian [via TheSuperficial]

Kim Kardashian [via TheSuperficial]

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It seems like just yesterday that we spotted Kim Kardashian at the pumps, gassing up her Range Rover in a pair of leggings and spike-heel boots. (Actually, it was last Wednesday. In case you were wondering.)

But Kim is a versatile girl -- and a flexible one, too, if videos are to be believed -- so she's not limited to garden-variety Ranger Rovers. As you can plainly see in this shot, she's also a fan of the Bentley Continental GTC. Yes, both are deluxe rides, but they say vastly different things about their drivers.

The Range Rover says, "Yeah, I'm doing okay, but I don't live the cushy life all the time. I'm kinda rugged. I could go off-roading, you know, if I wanted to. And stuff. Oh, look: a Starbucks!"

The Bentley, on the other hand, says, "Yeah, I'm doing more than okay, I'm doing GREAT. I could sell this car and buy your house, jerk. What do I care about fuel economy? I own oil wells! At least my family does. At least I think they do. Wow. I should have my personal assistant check on that. Yo, Concepción! Concepción?"

See? World's apart.

That said, you gotta give Kim props for consistency: both rides are black, which means they go with everything. And KK gets extra points for the Bentley, which looks like it's had a little tuning done here and there. Somewhere north of those Louboutin stilettos, above the persistent, hot/obscene leggings, beneath that not-so-flattering denim half-vest, might beat the heart of a car enthusiast.


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