2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Rumored to get 6.4-liter HEMI

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8

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Rumors are a dime a dozen these days and for the most part I shy away from writing about them unless I feel they make some sort of  sense.  This time around I came across a rumor over on OntarioStreetCar.com about the 2011 Dodge Challenger receiving a 6.4-liter HEMI to replace the 6.1-liter HEMI engine currently found in the 2010 Dodge Challenger.  According to OntartioStreetCar the rumor comes from a very reliable source who also said the engine should produce anywhere from 475 - 525 horsepower and be more fuel efficient than the current 6.1-liter HEMI engine.  Other changes rumored for the 2011 Dodge Challenger include a roof mounted fin-style antenna, a new steering wheel, and new door handles along with a passive entry feature which would allow the owner to open the door while the key fob is in their pocket.  For now we will just have to wait and see what really comes to fruition.

Source: OntarioStreetCar.com

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  1. don't see the challenger making it to a 2011 model

  2. I think Jake brings up a good point . . . I just found out that the B5 color was already discontinued. Plum Haze will run for three months, then stop . . . the same with Detonator Yellow. Did not heard anything about the Sublime Green.

  3. b5 blue is really no more.

  4. if the challenger goes away it will be a very sad day for me

  5. it is not a practical car weights to much and cost to much for average people to afford

  6. Jake,
    You obviously dont get the whole american muscle car thing........... Big, Bad, and tear your face off power. If your into cars that salom and drift, may I suggest a subaru or mitsubishi..... there fine cars, my grandma has one just like it........
    Hot Rods don't have 4 doors!!!!

  7. Forgot to address another falsehood. The colors are limited additions, not that the car is going out of production. Dodge is smart not to mass produce anycolor, every color. Every see a WRX show N shine........ blue, white, blue, white, "hey my car looks just like your car" Tragic.........

  8. oh i get it man i have one also realize the muscle car era died a long time ago

  9. Actually... The gas crisis and EPA of the 70's stalled it but American muscle never died. It began to revive in the 80's with electronic FI and has never stopped. As for the Fast and Furious wannabe import craze, that is definitely on its way out. Honestly, who in their right mind actually thinks a Honda Civic is an awesome street machine… :/

  10. I just traded my 2010 ss/rs camaro to order the plum crazy 2010 srt8, is there going to be a change for 2011 to 6.4 litre, if so will plum crazy still be availble for 2011.

  11. My FIRST car was a dark orange 1971 Dodge Challenger - 318 hp - rally package. I LUV the NEW Challengers! I hope that they update the tail light assembly in 2011 to match the 1971 & then I'M BUYING MINE!! CAN'T WAIT!! Elaine - Ohio

  12. I really think that Dodge has bigger problem than colors. Am I the only one that has compared the Camaro to the Challenger? The Camaro SS makes just as much horsepower (425) as the SRT for around $10,000 less. WTF is Crysler thinking? They need to put the 6.1 in the low $30k price range or they are gonna get spanked!

  13. RandomSgt raises a good point, the Challenger is the most expensive muscle car and is out performed by the Camaro SS! they need to focus on the performance of the car BEFORE worrying about the color. improve handling, 0-60, etc. etc.

  14. oh Jason, don't forget they got to put the car on a diet to, I don't know how much the Challenger weighs but they need to get the weight at least down to the Camaro! The 2011 Mustang V6 and Gt will whip the Camaro in performance now that they got the 3.7 liter V6 and 5.0 V8 puttin out just as much or slightly less power then the Camaros powertrains, oh and your goin to get better gas mileage too (for those green people out their)!

  15. Hey Sgt..Oranges to apples..the Camaro is not a retro looking car..you pay for what you want. The Camaro looks like a transformer! Whats a few hundred pounds. The extra $$ a bit of a sore ponit..but Let's see which car holds up in a few years. Half the fun is modding these beauties out to personalize them. Mine is an 09 black SRT8,procharger,lowered,black wheels and a few other goodies..491RWHP..LOOKING FORWARD TO THE 2011..maybe a Plum Crazy??

  16. Good thing Jake isn't thinking for me. I'll be buying muscle cars until I die.

  17. Im a little confused on people talking about weight in the same category as muscle cars....MUSCLE IS WIGHT.. i dont want a little skiinny thing running around i dont care how faster it is if i want that ill get a honda and turbo it..common this is what hot rods are about big bulky shoulders and a big pair of balls to back it up....and the price, if you ask me your paying for the history and the legend of the one and only mighty CHALLENGER!!!!--youl wish you bout one when they sky rocket in value in 20 years....

  18. That Dodge commercial during the Super Bowl was spot-on for my sentiments. Taking care of family, of work. . .get to drive the car I want (within the budget, that is). I hope to land an SRT some day. When I was in my early teens, a neighbor had a 1970 Challenger. Hearing that baby rumble down the alley was all good.

  19. Does anyone know if the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 has been confirmed as carrying a 6.4L engine yet? Also, do we know anything about the dashboard, will this remain the same from the 2010 model or will there be a change? I can't find anything on this *sniffle*

  20. I read that Fiat is "committed" to the Challenger through the 2013 year. At that point, I guess they will decide whether or not to continue production and/or upgrade the model. I just hope they hold out long enough for me to get one.
    I drive a 2010 Mustang GT and 2010 Challenger R/T on the same day. I'm a life-long Mustang fan but I will definitely be purchasing a Challenger next year (assuming they still make them). They are both very capable cars and the Mustang will have an edge with the new 5.0. But - the Challenger has a much greater fun factor due to it's looks, etc.

  21. I believe that it is a smart choice to up the Ponies on the new Chally! these cars are great for what they are. I am glad to see that the fuel charges are not pushing the automaker away from big engines like the late 60's and early 70's had. I bought my tank of a Musclecar in 07'. Dodge magnum SRT8, and love the idea it is a functional car that traps at 13.11 1/4! Thanks God for the revitalization of the Muscle car era!

  22. the challenger will not go away,dodge, officialy, said that the dodge will continue up to 2014 and they will make a decision in 2014 if it should continue. Additionally, the challenger is part of chrysler and dodges five year plan. and it is mentioned in the plan that challenger is to be refreshed for 2011.

  23. The Challenger is an exclusive car just like all quality high end vehicles. Corvettes are affordable to everyone The Camaro is mass produced like the mustang. If you can't afford the SRT then buy the R/T or the V6, but I bet you turn more heads any day with the nostalgia of the Challenger than any Camaro or Mustang. Besides, power isn't everything. I've driven both and getting in and out the Camaro was more difficult. Maybe I should mention That my wife owns an 09 B5 R/T and loves it.

  24. Sorry, meant to say that Corvettes AREN'T affordable to everyone. My bad.

  25. actually john the mitsu and subby you are referencing as "drifters" is a false hood. im assuming you mean the evo and sti which are all wheel drive, that makes drifting kinda hard to do so.......

  26. I own both an '09 Challenger SRT8 and a '10 Camaro 2SS/RS. They're both manual trans cars. The Camaro may be faster but the Challenger is a much better car. If the new Challenger SRT8 gets the 6.4L Hemi, I'll be trading the Camaro to own the 2nd Dodge.

  27. While we're all waiting for news on the 2011 model, consider this: http://www.roadandtrack.com/future-cars/spy_photos/spied-dodge-challenger-srt10-concept

  28. i dont like this car at all i think the whole retro look killed this car the people that wanted the retro look are not buying this car this car needs to be remodel look at the camaros this is what people like a new design not some old stuff most people werent even born when they made this car back in the day its 2010 not 1969 what up america

  29. @I small, Im guessing you are twelve... everyone on this likes the challenger because of what it is A CLASSIC LOOKING MUSCLE CAR!!!!

  30. Real Americans,buy American.Only "WE" can
    bring our country back !

  31. I agaree with SPC WISHER
    MUSCLE IS WIGHT.. i dont want a little skiinny thing running around i dont care how faster it is if i want that ill get a honda and turbo it..common this is what hot rods are about big bulky shoulders and a big pair of balls to back it up....and the price, if you ask me your paying for the history and the legend of the one and only mighty CHALLENGER!!!!--

  32. Im looking to discover what the 2011 colos will be....ANyone have any insight? I am CRUSHED that the Plum Crazy wont be available (most likely) altho there are rumors about SUBLIME and Panther Pink (with a WHITE interior no less!) .....But im really curious because I know the Plum can no longer be 'ordered' with everything i want....besides that i would like a 2011 RT Classic....in some bitchin color.......Please, any info would be most appreciated!

  33. I agree that weight, or WIGHT as some have called it(?) is an issue with the Challenger. The car suffers excess size as well from its current platform, and its price needs to be put inline a bit more ...but i don't care. This thing is STUNNING to look at. There will be dozens of Camaros and Mustangs at stop lights...all of them driven by scrubs who are always talking about how much faster car A is than car B. Fine by me...leave the Challenger for us adults to drive.

  34. If I had the money right now, I would buy the new Challenger just because I liked the Dodge Challenger Freedom commercial so much. Car looks awesome!

  35. The Challenger is currently Chrysler's most in-demand model and their profit leader. It's not going away. Chrysler definitely has some weak links in their chain, such as the Sebring, Caliber and Nitro, but the Challenger is not one of them.

  36. OK, let's get the facts straight:
    Camaro/Mustang are lighter because they are LITTLE cars. Parked next to a Challenger they look tiny. This was to simplify manufacturing/tooling, etc. and enable Chrysler to produce the car, and do so in a short time and at low cost. It is the same car underneath as the 300, Magnum and Charger. This makes for good reliability and upgraded parts availability.
    The Camaro has the the 425 horse motor ONLY with a stick, the auto is 400 horse.
    The $30 price on the Camaro SS is the base price, stripped naked. By the time you get it dressed like a SRT8, it costs THE SAME!!!!
    Camaros look nice, but Chevy blew a perfectly good chance to make it look right. Anybody that has one will tell you that they would rather it look more like a 67-69, and my SRT Challenger looks so much like a 70 I have had 3 people ask if I did the restoration myself!
    Challengers are the best of the resto-muscle crowd, hands down.

  37. when,i returned home,from my tour of duty,in vietnam,in 1970,i all most buyed a 1970 T/A dodge challenger,plum purple,but i stead,i purchase,a 1969,SS camaro 4-speed,this car was very fast. i beat,a 1969 ford shelby GT500 mustang,five 3/4 miles runs.back to back.but as for that 70 dodge challenger,to this day i never been at peace,with myself,that i did'nt buy that car then.but you can rest ashore,sept,2010,i will have one of them,i waited for this model year to buy one.add a procharger,and rock and roll BABY,back to the movie,vanishing point,but no bulldozes..........

  38. Well guys i got some inside scoop on a few things about the Challenger for you being a employee.The deal with the colors are true and false, they are limited models which get them and are different times of the year.The Furious Fuchsia is the color being ordered right now so you want the pink-ish challenger run to the dealer and order it.The Challenger is Not going away and the 2011 is getting a small refresh plus a motor (6.4) is coming.It will be late Nov when the New 2011 should roll out.May post more later but enjoy and share the news..



  41. The size and weight of the Challenger are really not an issue w/me. These areas have always been one of the down sides of the Challenger. Even back in 1970 the Challenger was physically larger and heavier than the Stang and Camaro.
    Right now my only complaint is I DO NOT want a dark gray interior. Come on Dodge give me some options. Different colors of leather or cloth seats, let me put a 6.1 in the RT. Heck really make me happpy and let me order one w/no AC, AM/FM only stereo, no center console, and 18" rims that look like the 20's sold w/the RT Classic model.
    That is one thing that I really like about the Stang. I can build one and it will have exactly everything I want except one item, its not a Mopar.

  42. I have to admit that the Challenger stayed true to its Retro-Styling, making it one of the most distinguished Muscle cars of this era...however, if Dodge thinks by upping to a 6.4L HEMI and it shedding weight will happen both at the same time, please tell me what planet this will happen on, because it wont be on Earth. The 2011 Mustang GT's 5.0L engine is actually rated @ 435HP and the car is light! you can dress up a Mustang GT and it STILL COST LESS then a SRT-8 Challenger. Weight is any cars nightmare, Dodge/Chrysler should know this by know, its 2011!!

  43. Traded my 09 Challenger for a 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 and there's no Challenger or Camaro that can stay up with me. 550hp and 510 tq before I mod.

  44. Hi guys , i went to two dealerships in Atlanta area for checking the new cars. What is the big news I got from the dealers is , in 2011 challenger also come with 4 door sedan. The new challenger is little bit short and more sportier than the previous model. The company aiming more sales ( such as families ) with the sedan models . The coupe version is cost around $2000 more than the sedan. The new challenger is expecting to hit showrooms in 2011 January .

  45. Any word on the new '11 colors ? Is GREEN WITH ENVY still any option ... have dealerships said anything ??

  46. True, the 2011 Challenger will have the 6.4 (392) Hemi, I ordered one of the 1100 Limited Editions in White with the Blue Interior. It does have the 475 HP engine and 2 color options - Deep Water Blue and Bright White. I was told the delivery date is February 12, 2011.

  47. My wife's Durango is a Limited and it's got a HEMI!

  48. I own a 2010 R/T Classic in Plum Crazy. I had a 2010 camaro 2ss on order that I cancelled & so glad that I did after owning the R/T. I get thumbs up every where I go from people. It may be heavier & slower, But WAY better looking than the competitors. Picked it up for 33k+got 2k worth of performance upgrades for free. I plan on adding a magnacharger & should be even more fun to drive. Unless 2011 brings out the 6.4 than who knows. AWESOME ALL AROUND CAR TO OWN.

  49. I sent an email to the Dodge marketing dept. They told me that the 11' models will be in dealerships later this month with all of the upgrades that have been posted above!! What a Christmas present!

  50. I have a buddy who ordered the Deep Water Blue, He takes delivery 20 DEC 2010. He knows one of the higher ups at DODGE. If you have not ordered yours by now then you are out of luck. The limiteds are all sold.

  51. i had a lime green challenger back in the day 1970-76 a demo. i traded in my 66 charger for it. best car i ever owned for me. had that car all over the country. nothing but envy were ever i went. that was my baby. hopefully ill own a new one before i am gone. young 62.

  52. got the 2010 white w/black for my 50th birthday. BEST PRESENT I EVER RECEIVED!!!

  53. I'd love to see the shaker hood come back; maybe when they bring back the 426 hemi.

  54. looks like Chrysler is doing better than ever according to the reports at allpar.com looks like the challenger will be around for a while longer anyone like the new charger style

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