2011 Ford Mustang Details Leak Ahead Of L.A. Auto Show

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Last month, our own John Voelcker and Autoblog's Alex Nunez were on Fox Car Report alongside Ford global product development vice president Derrick Kuzak and host Gary Gastelu, where they learned that Ford plans to unveil the powertrain for the 2011 Ford Mustang at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. Before that happens, however, some new information has leaked today revealing the car will be arriving as early as March, 2010.

Order books open on January 18, according to the report, and production starts March 15, 2010, with deliveries presumably starting shortly thereafter. That puts the announcement of powertrain specs at the Los Angeles Auto Show just in the nick of time. Other details revealed in the leak include a possible return of the California Special package, an available six-speed automatic transmission and optional Brembo brakes.

The LA show is typically a big show for most carmakers, though recent budget cutbacks have led some carmakers to draw down their presence. Nevertheless, Ford continues to bring out important new models there, including the Fusion, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ. Last year's show also saw the world debut of the 2010 Ford Mustang, and this year we'll learn the official plans for the 2011 Ford Mustang's powertrain.

We've already heard that the 2011 Mustang is expected to get a pair of new engines--a 3.7-liter Duratec V-6 engine to replace the existing 4.0-liter unit in the current base Mustang. Power is expected to go up despite the drop in displacement, from 210 horsepower to a whopping 315 horsepower. That's about even witth the curren't 4.6-liter V-8's output in the Mustang GT, so Ford is upping the performance there, too, with the new 5.0-liter Coyote V-8, rated at 400 horsepower.

Joining it is also a rumored twin-turbocharged, aluminum-block "Road Runner" version of the engine that could rate as high as 600 horsepower for the next GT500. We'll have to wait until December to find out for sure what Ford will be packing into the next Mustang, but if it's anything like the rumors, it's sure to be exciting.

Other major upgrades to the 2011 Mustang include an even more focused Track Pack, with a sharper suspension, bigger brakes and grippy Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires, plus the return of the "5.0" badge.

For the lowdown on the latest super-hot Mustang special, check out our review of the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible.

[Leak via GMInsideNews]

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Comments (12)
  1. 3.7 liters making 315 horsepower. From regular fuel?
    The idea of getting "more from less" is appealing, for sure, but how much stress is on these engines?
    Yes, I know my 4.6 V8 in my current GT is "lazy" but I'll bet it will be cheaper to maintain than a turbocharged or high pressure, smaller motor making the same power...

  2. The 600 hp twin turbo V8 for the GT500 would be amazing and glad Ford is finally putting new engines in.

  3. Really cool post!True. Every time I look at a GT500 I can feel the wheels turning in my brain, simultaneously trying to justify getting one while figuring out a way to pay for it and the mods that'll no doubt follow... anyone else find that they love way too many cars?

  4. Not a chance. Ford sells more mustangs than chevy sells camaros because people buy the V6 models and can still afford insurance. If the V6 makes 315hp, I'll bend over and bite off my own nutsack. The GT will probably have the 5.0, and it's possible that it will make 400hp, but the GT500 will likely remain supercharged, not turbocharged, for the forseeable future.

  5. as long as the Cobra gets an IRS cause the solid rear just isn't cutting it for all that power...

  6. I wonder if the other 5 liter V8 code named Bobcat will show up in the Mustang eventually, it would be interesting.

  7. Uh - Gus...
    ...Nissan's VQ37VHR 3.7L V6 (employed in the Infiniti G37, EX37, FX37 and M37 and Nissan 370Z) is rated at 330hp and 270lb/ft of torque - and they're not exactly exploding right and left.

  8. Yes, but they all use super-unleaded, or am I mistaken? That means they do function under higher compression ratios, and they will have more expensive repairs, maybe?
    In any event, it's the torque that I like best, more so than the high-revving horsepower...

  9. in that case Gus....get a Diesel haha
    personally i dont care, we will never see these cars sold day to day here in Australia anyway. and the Camaro is a far better looking car than the mustang. And its a HUGE car for what is essentially not much of a car !

  10. i hear the 11 Mustang will Not be getting a Turbo-Ecoboost… I am still interested in the 3.7L 315hp V-6 Mustang..

  11. To clear the air. It does not appear initially that Ford will offer the ecoboost in any Mustang models.It may be in the pipeline for say 2012. For 2011 it appears that Ford is offering 3 engines.
    A N/A 3.7 Duratec V6 making 315 HP,a N/A 5.0 Coyote V8 making 400HP,and possibly 5.4 Aluminum V8
    making at least 540 HP. The key in the aluminum V8 is that the engine is going to be lighter then the current GT500 improving handling.I'm guessing that Ford might eventually replace the 5.4 supercharged V8 with a 5.0 Ecoboost Coyote V8 making that 600 HP.It all sounds quite exciting. I give cudos to the Camaro for it's sideview profile in looks. However most publications praise the Mustang GT for better handling,a better noise and nicer interior.From my perspective you can also see a lot easier out of a Mustang then you can a Camaro. With the engine and suspension upgrades the 2011 Mustang should eat a Camaro for lunch. Figure even with the 5.0 Coyote V8 the Mustang GT should still be 250 LBS lighter then a Camaro SS and a similar ratio would be with the V6 Mustang and V6 Camaro.Can't wait!

  12. I will be looking foward to that V8 once I graduate from boot camp for the United States Marine Corps, and to Nick, Fords solid rear out handles many competitors with an IRS, plus it's best when packing a lot of power. They lay the power to the ground much better. Thats why many many Terminator Cobra owners have changed their IRS for the wishbone. True fact.

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