2009 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota Reveals FT-86 Concept

After more than a year of rumors, theories and questions, the lovechild of the Toyota-Subaru joint venture has been unveiled. This successor to the rear-wheel drive, drift-legend Corolla AE-86 takes shape with a modified Subaru Impreza chassis and Toyota badges as the FT-86 concept.

The FT-86 is still in concept form and will make its first public appearance later this month at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The pictures of the newest sports car from Toyota show a 2 + 2 coupe, with wheels and body lines similar to the Lexus IS-F.

The most intriguing part of the FT-86 is its powerplant. Toyota has decided on a 2.0-liter flat four-cylinder from Subaru, a naturally aspirated version of Subaru's turbo fours. The drivetrain layout has been converted to rear-wheel drive, instead of the all-wheel drive familiar with Subaru cars. The engine will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Toyota says they chose the naturally aspirated version of this 2.0-liter boxer engine to keep weight and costs down--while maintaining a low and balanced center of gravity. Insiders are saying the FT-86 handles and accelerates brilliantly, a point Motor Authority will confirm as soon as possible.

The FT-86 is to begin selling sometime in late 2011 to the Japanese market. As usual, expect styling and power output to change drastically in that time period. The projected pricing will start around $25,000.

Ever since the demise of cars like the Celica, MR2 and Supra, Toyota's model lineup has lacked a true sports coupe for people who like fun cars. The FT-86 might just be the one to get them back into the game. Stay tuned for more of Motor Authority's coverage from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.-Robert Dillman

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Comments (14)
  1. very aggressive front, hope they will use the same front on the new supra

  2. not bad however i suspect that the production version will be toned way down.

  3. looks good, I think the production version will be very similar to this, they need the aggressive look to compete in the marketplace. brilliant strategy and I'm excited to drive one, if its anything as fun as my old '04 STI was then I'm buying one!

  4. "This predecessor to the rear-wheel drive, drift-legend Corolla AE-86"
    For this car to be a predecessor Toyota must also be working on a time machine.

  5. That's a seriously ugly coupe...

  6. This looks fantastic, although safe to say the production version will be one huge scoop of vanilla...... Lets face it the Japanese dont do style, unless there Nissan and run by the French

  7. Looks sweet, but if this goes ahead as it is it may not look as fast as it could. The Camry V6 engine would be a nice option, the same one as in the Lotus Evora.

  8. Wheels is right, Toyota will take a fantastic concept and bland it to death.

  9. This will be a definite winner., and I bet you this time Toyota won't dumb this down once it goes into production.. if you look closely at the front "mouth" intake openings, it resembles Subaru's grille design language which I thought was quite respectfully done by Toyota to honor this car's merging with Subaru tech.

  10. Looks very good. Bring back the Supra! Targa top, 300hp, 350 torque, 2+2. THAT is the kind of car that SELLS (ask Ford).

  11. What does it matter what it will finally look like? We won't get it here in the U.S. right?

  12. Toyota (and the other Japanese companies) are long overdue in building desirable sports cars once more.
    If this really is a new Celica, along with the Honda CR-Z and Lexus LFA, it should go a long way to righting the perception that the far east only builds fuel-efficient econoboxes.

  13. We have all seen the latest creation from Toyota that will bring back some of that “Toyota Excitement” that we all use to jump for in the past.

  14. only 160 Hp.....I hope they have another engine option with more Hp....160Hp,,not enough........!!!!!

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