Report: 2013 Audi A3 Sedan Earmarked For U.S. Only

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2009 Audi A3

2009 Audi A3

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Audi has an ambitious goal to become the top selling luxury auto brand in the world by 2015 and to do so the company is planning an aggressive new model roll out. Audi hopes to have a total of 42 different models on sale by the middle of the next decade, including several brand new additions such as the A1 minicar, A7 four-door coupe, Q3 crossover and possibly even a production version of its all-electric e-tron concept car.

Additional vehicles will include new variations of existing lines. One of the most anticipated models is a sedan version of the next-generation A3 compact (current model pictured), which will reportedly be sold exclusively in North America.

The dollar's weakness against the euro has forced Audi to cut back on several planned launches for the U.S., including the A1 minicar and A3 convertible. However, we will still get the A7 next year, a hybrid version of the Q5 later this year and the aforementioned A3 sedan by 2012, which is likely to be sold as a 2013 model.

The next-generation A3 is set to be unveiled in Europe towards the end of this year, initially in the basic three- and five-door trims. Further down the track Audi will add a new convertible model and long-wheelbase wagon, as well as the sedan and possibly an Allroad soft-roader version.

In terms of overall size, the 2013 Audi A3 is expected to be similar in size to the B4 Audi A5 sedan that was sold between 1994 and 1997.

The addition of new variants is designed to help the new A3 compete with BMW’s 1-Series range as well as a family of sporty models based on the next-generation Mercedes-Benz A- and B-Class. Additionally, the necessity of the sedan is because of the simple fact that most Americans remain unwilling to pay more than $30,000 for a hatchback.

The first test-mules for the new A3 have already been spotted in Germany. Click here to see the spy shots.


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Comments (11)
  1. Yes that makes a lot of sense

  2. excited to see the smaller lineup from Audi make its way to the USA. theyve really modernized their designs well and hopefully the tasteful classy look will trickle down to the other brands in the segment. nice to get what other parts of the world have had for a long time, we need more small cars that are fun to drive and deliver quality and great mpgs!

  3. Since the A4 has gotten so much bigger, it makes sense for Audi to offer a compact A3 sport sedan.

  4. Bring the A5 Sportback to the states!!!!!!!

  5. Since Audi nomenclature follows the rule that Sedans & Avants are even numbers (A4, A6, A8) and Coupes & Sportbacks are odd (A3, A5, A7) - Shouldn't the A3 sedan really be called an A2???

  6. Hopefully one of the 40 planned models will sell in North America, because so far, sales have been less than mediocre. I think they have to reduce pricing to get any traction in the U.S. as there is just too much competition in America and Audi is still viewed as a slight step ahead of VW.

  7. bepsf, can not name it A2 since they are bringing that car back to market after its first demise back in 2005, or at least that is one rumor going around. I think this will be good for the America market, because let's face it, hatchbacks are not popular in the States.

  8. 42 models?! It seems Audi are trying to become number one in the luxury segment by trying to out-niche BMW! I for one can't stand the trend of every new car generation getting larger. A Civic is the size of a '90s Accord, the Fit is nearly twice the size of the original Civic, and the current Accord is as big as a '90s Acura RL!

  9. "can not name it A2 since they are bringing that car back to market after its first demise back in 2005, or at least that is one rumor going around."
    I believe you're thinking of the A1...?

  10. No bepsf I actually read a rumor on some other sites, either AutoBlog or LeftLaneNews, that the A2 was going to make a return.

  11. There is a rumoured A2 coming as well as the A1 city car.
    It will be mid way in size between the A1 and A3 i think/
    It's a bit like the VW lineup of
    Fox city car ( Audi A1 )
    Polo ( A2 )
    Golf ( A3 )
    I know the golf and A3 use same platform so would not be suprised if the vw and equivalent Audi as i pointed out above do the same.

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