Report: VW To Kill Porsche Panamera, Cayenne

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2010 Porsche Panamera

2010 Porsche Panamera

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2009 Porsche Cayenne

2009 Porsche Cayenne

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Porsche fans have loudly lamented the company's loss of independence, especially - as they see it - to Europe's prime purveyor of the mundane, Volkswagen. But that alliance may actually bring about the Porsche Purists' ultimate end goal: the eradication of the non-sports car models from Porsche's lineup - at least, if the latest reports out of the UK are to be believed.

Take the following with a lifetime supply of salt, but according to a report  in Car magazine, the Volkswagen Group is planning to force Porsche out of the SUV and sedan business once the current models are done with their run. That should take about seven years - the average lifespan of a car architecture.

The argument goes something like this: VW already builds plenty of sedans and SUVs through its VW and Audi brands, among others, and doesn't need the duplicative efforts of Porsche impeding growth and sapping development dollars.

That makes sense, in a way, but presumes that Porsche and VW's other brands overlap in a way that makes significant business sense. An extension of this logic would lead to the banishment of all sports cars from Audi's portfolio, including the stunning new A5 and its upcoming S5 Sportback and possible RS5 variants. Does that make sense?

And while they're at it, they might as well eliminate duplication between VW and Audi as well, and scrap all the sedans, wagons and SUVs at VW, leaving only a few hatchbacks, the rebadged Chrysler-based Routan minivan and a few odds and ends in the South American market.

And so on, to even greater levels of absurdity - why not throw Skoda into the mix? Surely Bentley and Lamborghini could use some tweaking as well?

On the other hand, a VW vendetta against Porsche's more mainstream offerings wouldn't be entirely out of character with the boardroom dramas and baby-monitor spy sagas of the previous two or so years of hostile takeover posturing.

Volkswagen also won't be putting Porsche development entirely on the back burner, instead leveraging a joint platform that's been discussed many times over the past year: a mid-engine, entry-level roadster like the Bluesport. The idea behind the project would be to revive the spirit of one of the cars that made Porsche great, the original 356.

Following on with the sports-cars-only theme, a possible replacement to the Carrera GT could also still be on the books, possibly something like the Le Mans Prototype RS Spyder-based car we previewed for you back in May.

[Edmunds Auto Observer]

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Comments (26)
  1. Good decision to trim down the line up, as with many other car groups with sub car groups

  2. As long as VW doesn't go stupid and remove anything from Audi's roster, this is cool by me!

  3. I agree with phasing out the Cayenne simply because it's hideous, but not the Panamera. Sure, VW makes an ass load of sedans via Audi, but to place said sedans in the same category as the Panamera is complete rubbish.

  4. yes well done. although takign this with a pinch of salt, if VW contemplates scratching the Cayenne they will be selling themselves seriously short in that is Porsche's biggest money spinner. The Cayenne is a level above the Tourag and Q7 plus it is a 5 seater as opposed to 7 seats for the behemoth that is the Q7.
    the Panamera is on my wish list as a purchase one day. So unlike the fabled 928GTS that was stopped in 1996 i want to be able to purchase a new one when i am financially able. so it would be a waste of R&D funds if they drop it after one life cycle.
    then again they may be playing marketing geniouses in that people assume that the Panamera is a single cycle model and will snap them up !
    VW will need swift kick in the head if they decide to drop these 2 models.

  5. The Cayenne was halfway nice but made no sense, the Panamera Turbo is fast but it maybe one of the ugliest 4Drs ever made, I understand cutting both.
    I mean seriously, who ok'd the release of the Panamera in the first place, that Thing looks Horrid.

  6. I get the heritage of Porsche and the sports cars. But I can't imagine the soccer moms with Cayenne Turbos are simply going to drop to a Touareg TDI or Q7. The X5M and M63 AMG will be more likely replacements. Like the article said, reducing redundancy makes sense, assuming that the cars overlap in target customers is kind of a joke.

  7. Wow!, I think someone from Volkswagen actually listens to comments posted on the internet.
    Good on them.. really!
    Yeah just finish-off the Cayenne and Panamera's life cycles and start producing something that is of the Porsche mould - sportscars and keep them different and more inspirational in design and build. Do keep the iconic 911 and maybe Boxter in there.
    I believe the "old" Porsche mantra of taking the 911 gene and literally expanding on this basis alone will now change.. at last!

  8. I think they should either kill Porsche completely, or get them to pull their finger out and actually design a new car, rather than stretch an existing Voltswagon beetle design for another 10 years!

  9. Here's something which I had posted on another blog/site pertaining to this, a couple of exceprts:
    I would have thought that Martin Wintercorn, and especailly Dr. Ferdinand Piech would build things up, not knock things down, even as a result of politics. What makes this even odder is this follows a series of reports which appeared on several familiar automotive news & enthusiast sites stating that Porsche is EXPANDING the line-up in order to become a FULLER line of vehicles, including an addition of a Sub-Boxer entry level sportster, a smaller SUV to sit below the Cayenne in the line-up, and a variant of the Panamera, perhaps a GT-type model in the order of the previous 928.
    I am bummed out with the possible Porsche news, even though now that they are in control of VAG (soon to be Auto-Union?), but, if anything, I do hope that the Panamera will stay, even more than the Cayenne, and even more so get a GT 928-successor variant. The Cayenne will have a new-generation afoot, and this can last a good seven years, this upcoming incarnation, and a lot can happen in seven years. Yes, you have a valid point, too, that the Cayenne shares with the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Toureg, where the Panamera is unique. But, the Panamera in it's first generation could also last seven or so years, and, again, have the 2-door GT variant, and, I'll reiterate, a lot can happen in seven years, which would basically bring us to 2016!

  10. how could VW kill porshe if porshe OWN vw?!
    thatsfucking retarded..
    and like other poeple said buyers with cayenne will just go with mercedes and BMW instead.

  11. VAG has so much product overlap it's ridiculous - even worse than GM, and their newfound ownership of Porsche doesn't make it any better. The only difference is that VW is profitable for now...
    It makes sense to me that they would cut the Porsche lineup - the Audi Q7 could easily move into the performance SUV/CUV niche abandoned by the Cayenne... (Q7-S? Q7-R?)
    ...and the Panamera could easily be replaced w/ the Next-Gen S8 - but Porsche does need a 928 replacement.
    However, Nelson is cracked if he thinks that the Audi A5/S5/RS5 competes w/ Porsche in any meaningful manner at all - or that VW wagons compete w/ Audi Avants.
    I remember the days when Porsche and Audi were paired up in US showrooms - It would make sense to do the same thing again.

  12. Bepsf, I guess the sarcasm there sailed overhead.
    The point is that even Porsche's Cayenne and Panamera aren't competitive with the VW Group's other SUVs and sedan.s

  13. Lol, yeah it can't compete because the cayenne and panamera put bigger holes in people's wallets. Of course cheaper SUVs like VW's will sell more than a porsche, that goes without saying.

  14. that's really bad plan in my point of view.

  15. The Cayenne is Porsche's most profitable vehicle. It's here to stay if you like it or not.....

  16. Exactly thank you, this article is hog wash, there's no way the cayenne is going anywhere.

  17. This is all just based on an article by Britain's CAR Magazine, and it reached many other auto news and enthusiast's sites, and it's speculation, not necessarily fact of official information. Nothing is official unless, or until it's announced by a corporation, a company chief or CEO, and/or a press release.

  18. I posted this elsewhere, too:
    As saddened as I am for the impending demise of the Cayenne, after it's upcoming generation, and Panamera after one generation, I've come to this: they'll both be around for some seven years, which is a decent life-cycle, it's now likely that the Panamera will morph to a 2-door, 2+2 GT type car (also maintains the great efforts and investment in the chassis), and the Cayenne is shared with SUVs in the form of a Volkswagen and an Audi, so, it'll be around in some form. Also, Porsche will be refocused onto it's roots, and the VAG/Auto-Union has an abundance of sedans/saloons and SUVS, on many levels among it's brands.

  19. Where bad plan, Bay Porsche (

  20. So they will scrap their most profitable vehicles because some idiot thinks they canibalize sales?
    That's ridiculous they rebadge Touareg's as Cayenne's and make a huge profit, use A8 chassis to make a Panerma which will be a hugely profitable car. They wont get rid of them at all.
    Only cannibalisation is with S5/RS5 and the base 911' and the TT-RS and the Boxster. Like-for-like the badge engineering works well to have added value on Porsche products and the prices of the ranges of Porsche to VW and Audi is tiered so if you can afford the better one you will.
    I imagine the internal tiering would look like this:

  21. As Ferry Porsche himself said: "If we begin by considering the popularity of a make of car rather than economic greatness, to be classed among the great names is certainly a compliment to the sports car, since from the outset only sports cars have been manufactured under the name Porsche and this will always be the case." 1980
    The soulless number crunchers and egomaniacs behind the hideous sell-out Cayenne and the parody that is the Panamera need to be overruled and ousted. Immediately. I really hope the people at VW actually do what this magazine report describes.

  22. Lol, the cayenne brought lots of Porsches money back,they weren't making as much as they are now, but that's not hard to believe seeing as before the cayenne and panamera were introduced porsche only had 3 different cars, and no SUVs, how can you even call yourself a car company with no SUV's? Even Lamborghini has come out with an SUV, and SUVs have become very fuel efficient. I hope to god they don't make the foolish mistake of getting rid of the cayenne or panamera, it would be a sin.

  23. I went to an open house/broker preview last Thursday in Newport Beach, Ca for a brand new $27 million dollar home and I counted 5 Porsche cayenne SUV's parked out front of the mansion that belonged to real estate agents.VW would be smart to keep both cars around for the next 7 years.

  24. Why not let the market decide? If the Panamera turns out to be a strong seller and Cayenne demand stays strong, why kill them just because they don't fit a wholly subjective brand image? Porsche will ALWAYS have dedicated sports cars and be the top producer of sports cars that can be driven daily. It's naive and short-sighted to restrict a company's ability to earn a profit for nothing but 'taste.'

  25. Porsche cars will always have the edge when it comes to the sports car side niche of the car industry. I was wondering do porsche have a car for sale that is a hybrid car that have similar performance spec as sports car they already have.

  26. Getting rid of the Cayenne lol, that would be so very foolish. The cayenne is what brought all Porsches money back. They should take some of Audi's lineup away, they aren't doing anything with it anyway. Porsche only has like 5 different cars anyway, while companies like Audi and vw have double that, so explain the sense in getting rid of the cayenne and panamera, oh that's right there isn't any, lets just reduce Porsches lineup to 3 cars, hell, why not get rid of porsche completely. Stupid VW

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