KTM Shuts Down X-Bow Production As Demand Stalls

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KTM X-Bow Race

KTM X-Bow Race

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Between the Ariel Atom, Lotus 2-Eleven, the various Caterham Lotus 7 derivatives and the KTM X-Bow, there's no shortage of excellent track-specific open-air and semi-open-wheel toys out there for those with a real need for speed. But so far, demand for the KTM X-Bow hasn't been enough to keep sales going, and KTM is shutting down production to help balance inventory.

Perhaps it's unsurprising that a niche sports car  should find itself in financial difficulty during the worst recession in decades, but on the other hand, the car was never intended to be a high-volume seller - only 1,000 of the cars were planned, even though several special editions and a GT4-homologated race car are among the offerings.

Only 420 have been sold to date, and there are close to 80 unsold X-Bows sitting in dealer and factory inventory right now, meaning the production run must be stopped at its half-way point for the time being.

Those that had planned to get their track-day toy once the economy righted itself need not start cross-shopping Atoms and Caterhams, however, as KTM does plan to re-initiate productino next year, boosting output to 200 units annually to make up for the down time once people start spending again.

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Comments (4)
  1. 420 sold to date? I thought they had over 1000 orders?

  2. Jculpjr- So its safe to say they now have 580 cancelled orders.

  3. ...or never had 1000 orders to begin with.

  4. I REALY want one! i mean why wouldnt you? Superlight, great handeling mental car coupled to a very easily tune-able VAG turbo engine!! Spend a few grand tuning that bad boy and it would eat ferrari 430 scud's for breaky, cus at the moment isnt it only running 225Bhp? you can easily see 500Bhp out of those lumps with the right tweaks, might corrupt the handeling tho.

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