Lotus threatens to sue 2010 F1 entry bearing its name

Lotus has stated that it is in no way associated with the prospective 2010 F1 team planned by David Hunt

Lotus has stated that it is in no way associated with the prospective 2010 F1 team planned by David Hunt

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The Lotus Cars company has followed the Brabham family in distancing itself and threatening legal action against a proposed formula one team bearing its name. It emerged last week that 'Team Lotus' could return to the grid next year in the form of British F3 team Litespeed, who said they were granted permission to use the name from rights holder David Hunt.

Hunt, who bought Team Lotus from the bankrupt outfit at the end of 1994, is the brother of the 1976 world champion James Hunt. However, Lotus Cars Limited, the ongoing sports car maker that is based on the company founded by Colin Chapman in 1952, clarified on Wednesday that it is in no way associated with the prospective 2010 team.

"Group Lotus plc will take all necessary steps to protect its name, reputation and brand image," it said in a statement.

There was more bad news for a 2010 F1 hopeful on Wednesday, when it was rumoured that Superfund, the Austrian investment company, may have been struck off the FIA's list due to the emergence of an unpaid debt relating to motor racing of nearly €4 million.
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Comments (3)
  1. But if David Hunt legally holds the rights to "Team Lotus", they shouldn't be able to prevent him from using the name. Imagine buying a used car and 15 years later the previous owner tells you you can't drive it. What's the point on buying rights to a name if you're not allowed to use it?

  2. anyone can buy what they want, but if you bought a company name with ferrari in it do you think that you would get away with entering F1 with it, just because you own the rights to the name doesn't mean you can can do what you want with it. Lotus is registered and protected in the automobile business. no-one else can use it, whether it be for making, selling or racing!

  3. everyone in the world will condider that Lotus Cars are behind this team, because no-one reads behind the lines. If they were not behind it, what is the point of using their name?
    Now you may say that if they have reasonable success (like force india) they may want to ask Lotus for some percentage on its car sales, hencegone up due to f1 success. you may also say that due to VIRTUALLY OBVIOUS NON SUCCESS if i was Team Lotus I would of taken the force indias' replacement of their big headed technician instead of employing the asshole that left force india at the end of the grid!!!!!!
    I personaly would love to see the real Lotus back in F1 as would berhaps many - even more reason to consider these 'name bandits' as they really are - NAME BANDITS. What would happen when (I hope) the real Lotus would want to come back - we would have 'team Lotus' against what they could only call 'the real team lotus' - heritage can't and shoudn't be bought, its like someone using your name in a job intervu because of your past history to get credibility! I'm gonna change my name to Ralph Ferrari and start my own race team - team ferrari, let's see how long I live - and guess how long team Lotus will survive, if rich indians want to start racing - let them start by making a reputation in making cars.

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